'Secret story', 'The three doors' and 'Lies' compete today for the audience

María Casado returns to television with “The Three Doors”.

María Casado returns to television with “The Three Doors”.

'Lies' come back tonight to Antenna 3 with a new chapter (10:45 p.m.). This time, Laura, terrified to discover that Xavier has entered her house, decides to do something. She travels to Madrid in search of evidence against Xavier. She needs to know the whole truth about what happened to Maria, her late wife. She talks with her mother and with Elena, her best friend, but she doesn't get anything. Meanwhile, in Palma, Daniela, the inspector in charge of the case, cannot bear the idea of ​​having once again left a rapist on the street, and asks for a transfer. On the way to the airport, Laura receives a call from Elena, there is something she needs to know about Xavier. He will travel with her to tell the police. They're going to stop him. But at the last moment Elena changes her mind. Laura returns to Palma more lost than ever. Upon arriving home she discovers that Xavier has sued her for defamation. She goes to see him beside himself. She tells him that she knows why his wife died. But she is useless, he has a new victim and feels more unpunished than ever. Laura goes to see her sister, devastated. Cata recommends that she forget about Xavier and start a new life in the city. Laura is defeated. She gets into the kayak and heads out to sea.

María Casado, in the new interview space of La 1

the 1 of TVE premieres tonight, at 10:40 p.m., 'The three doors', the new talk show hosted by María Casado. This format will feature candid talks with various guests each week. People who are a brand of Spain and also international characters from different disciplines. In this premiere installment, Antonio Banderas will be the space's first guest. María Casado will also talk with the writer Carmen Posadas, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig and will feature performances by the singer Nathy Peluso and the poet Sara Búho.

Kiko Rivera sponsors the new trial of 'Secret story' on Telecinco

Telecinco broadcasts a new gala 'Secret Story: The House of Secrets' (22:00 hours). Kiko Rivera will enter the house of secrets to sponsor the current weekly test based on challenges proposed by tiktokers. In addition, throughout the night the second expulsion will take place in the house of secrets with Alatzne, Elena and Rafa as nominees after Carmen's salvation. All the gathered contestants will be surprised with the salvation of the participant with the least vote by the audience and then the two nominees will have different face to face with some of their companions before knowing the final decision of the audience. After the expulsion, a new round of nominations will start that will be carried out with a chain dynamic between the contestants that will cancel any type of strategy predefined by the participants.

the sixth opt tonight for a new installment of 'The objective' (10:30 p.m.). The scandals of the king emeritus, the coalition government or the leadership of Casado in the PP, among many others, will be some of the topics that the space deals with. In addition, Ana Pastor will review political news with Pedro J. Ramírez, who has been at the forefront since the transition.

A new installment of 'Everything is true' occupies the prime time of Four (10:50 p.m.). The program presented by Risto Mejide and Marta Flich will address new current affairs and social interest through investigative work prepared by a team of journalists, with interviews, connections and the analysis of experts and collaborators.

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