'Secret story', 'The silence of the white city' and 'Cuéntame' compete today for the audience

'Secret Story' come back tonight Telecinco (22:00 hours). Isa Pantoja will join the coexistence until next Sunday on a night in which Adrián, Brenda and Nissy fight not to become the fourth expelled from the edition. In addition, a game will be launched to distribute the three spheres that Kenny owned before his decision to leave the contest.

A new episode of season 22 of 'Tell me how it happened' (10:40 p.m.) arrives this Thursday at the 1 of TVE. On this occasion, Mercedes returns from Sagrillas with a diary from her father which, unintentionally, opens the doors to a family secret that had remained hidden for more than half a century and that Herminia does not want to remember. Meanwhile, Antonio has stayed in Sagrillas finishing closing his business with Onofre. When he returns to Madrid he comes back with a surprise that leaves Mercedes and the neighborhood residents speechless.

Jordi Hurtado occupies the 'prime time' of La 2

For its part, 'To know and to win' turns 25 this Thursday, February 17 and will celebrate it with a special gala in the prime time of the 2. At 10:00 p.m. and for the first time, the mythical contest will leave the set and surround itself with great friends in La Paloma, one of the most historic venues in Barcelona. Along with Jordi Hurtado, six television game show presenters will be invited: Ion Aramendi, Llum Barrera, Carolina Ferre, Antonio Garrido, Goyo González and Luis Larrodera. There will also be the most prominent contestants who have been on the program, such as the “ Magnificent” David Díaz, Manolo Romero or Óscar Díaz, and other friends willing to give surprises to the public.

Belén Rueda and Javier Rey chase a murderer on Antena 3

The movie premiere 'The silence of the white city' (22:45 hours) occupies the prime time of Antenna 3. The bodies of a twenty-year-old boy and a girl appear naked in the crypt of the Old Cathedral. Unai López de Ayala, an expert inspector in criminal profiles, must hunt down the ritual murderer who has been terrorizing the city for two decades. The unstoppable succession of crimes and a police investigation contaminated by social networks will push Unai to the limit, confronting him with a chameleon-like and ruthless killer who could be closer than he thought.

Four choose tonight (10:50 p.m.) for a new installment of 'Horizon'. On this occasion, the program presented by Iker Jiménez will analyze large-scale cyberattacks, such as the one suffered by the US oil pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, which had to pay a ransom of almost five million dollars to a group of hackers, and if It is possible or not that these situations can cause a digital blackout. For this, it will have the participation of Pedro Baños, colonel of the Army and one of the greatest geopolitical experts on the national scene; and Ángel Niño Quesada, delegate councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council.

What's more, the sixth schedule a new showing of the movie tonight 'The last man' (10:30 p.m.). Year 1931. Until Jericho, Texas, a semi-ghost town in the West, only the gangsters of Chicago arrive. Until one day a mysterious stranger arrives, looking for a place to spend the night and calling himself Smith (Bruce Willis). Soon, he will create a dangerous reputation and will be involved in a fight between two rival gangs, being at the mercy of both.

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