'Secret story', 'The objective' and 'Lies', in today's 'prime time'

'Secret Story: The House of Secrets' celebrates its first nomination round this Wednesday on Telecinco (10:00 p.m.). At the end of the night, there will be a minimum of four nominees (Carmen and three other teammates) who will star in the first expulsion duel. Previously, the dynamics of the egg will be resolved, an element with which Álvaro entered the house, the last contestant to join the coexistence, and which has divided the house. The participant who has it in his possession at the end of a 24-hour countdown that is activated today will rise with the desired immunity. On the other hand, after the revelation of the secrets of the contestants in the premiere, the time has come for each of them to get the sphere with which they will participate in the game of secrets, whose winner will rise at the end of the game. competition with a prize of 50,000 euros. .

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