'Secret Story' surprises with a new contestant: Álvaro dynamites the house in a few hours

'Secret story' had as its main claim last night the entry of a new contestant who has not gone unnoticed in a few hours within the contest. Toni Moreno, presenter of the Sunday gala, introduced Álvaro, a 27-year-old comptroller from Albacete, to the audience.

"He is a graduate in Law and ADE. He is also a magician, a poet, he has no complexes and has never had a long-term relationship. He uses unconventional slang, preferring words like kiss or pardiez! He is gifted and loves to play because he does everything to win"Said the presenter about the peculiar new participant.

"I am very happy, it is a unique gift to be able to be here. Experience a strategy game from the inside, which is what I like. I consider myself unique and true," he said when he greeted the driver, who explained that she did not enter on Thursday along with the rest of her colleagues because of the covid. The Andalusian assured that the young man was recovered, but then he coughed. "Everything is under control now, and it's healthier than an apple"the driver insisted.

Toñi made him responsible for the immunity egg, which makes anyone who has it in his possession immune. And this dynamited his entry into the house: Álvaro had the mission of delivering the egg to a colleague -which would have helped him get off on the right foot- or keep it for himself. He preferred the second option, which caused tension among his teammates.

Beyond his comments and jokes as soon as he arrived, it was the fact that he kept the egg that caused a direct confrontation with Héctor, who dared to snatch the egg from him. "Fuck it, asshole. That you had it on the ground, subnormal", the contestant told the newcomer, even though the egg was on the couch.


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