Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Secret meeting between Cospedal and Villarejo

Cospedal y Villarejo mantuvieron una reunión secreta en la sede de Génova

A new round of audios of the controversial commissioner José Manuel Villarejo verify that there was a secret meeting with María Dolores de Cospedal. The meeting took place on June 21, 2009 in the office of the former minister located at headquarters of the PP in Genoa 13. They looked at the security detail so that nobody knew about the appointment that the husband of the former secretary general of the PP organized, Ignacio López del Hierro.

As can be heard in the new audios filtered by The confidential Y, Villarejo He accessed the popular headquarters camouflaged in an official party car and went directly to the seventh floor from the parking. His entry did not leave any record and took advantage of summer time to see himself in an hour when there were hardly any people in the building.

Maximum confidentiality was demanded while Villarejo was recording everything

Villarejo I was extremely worried that nobody knew of his presence there and in the audios you can hear Cospedal reassuring him: "There is no one now (…) this plant is under construction and there is no one here. Here we are alone Mariano (Rajoy) and I, and now he is not, that is, there is nobody (…) should not know (the meeting). That I am the first that would also fall apart would be absurd. " Pacton Confidentiality absolute while the commissioner was recording everything.

The conversation between both lasted more than an hour and a half and today only the excerpts have been published before and after the meeting, so it is expected that there will be new deliveries in the coming days.

Before that meeting, Ignacio López del Hierro and the controversial commissioner had been seeing each other for a month in a cafeteria in Madrid. In those appointments the husband of Cospedal received privileged information about the Gürtel case and other tip-offs, as he could be seen in the audios batch filtered yesterday.

It was precisely Ignacio López del Hierro the one who was interested in joining Villarejo with his wife. "The ideal is, as they say in my town, in your house or in mine, in the most discreet way," the commissioner snapped on July 20. He then put as an example his secret meetings with Juan Cotino, adviser of the Generalitat Valenciana and exdirector general of the Police, in his house of Boadilla of Monte. After the proposal appeared almost by a miracle in the agenda of Cospedal for the next day.

Villarejo and López del Hierro made "badness and kindness together" in their 30 years of friendship

After picking up Villarejo in Torre Europa, where he has his office, López del Hierro and he arrive in a few minutes to the headquarters of the Popular Party. The hostess offers her guests as soon as they arrive to have a drink. The commissioner took "a coffee" and the couple opted for water.

Other curious details that are revealed in the audios today is that when Lopez del Hierro spoke of his "friend of almost 30 years ago" with Cospedal he referred to him as "Pepe Perez". Villarejo, when saying goodbye at the meeting, even confesses that with the husband of the former minister "they have done badness and kindness together that I have forgotten almost all of them".

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