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Muslims, praying in the mosque of the Carmen neighborhood, in Murcia

Muslims, praying in the mosque of the Carmen neighborhood, in Murcia
Israel Sanchez

It’s the second virtual Ramadan“, comments the president of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities, Mounir Benjelloun, who values ​​that” thank God, we are in better situation than last year“, with the strict confinement of the first state of alarm. More than 100,000 Muslims residing in the Region are preparing to live until next month 12, a holy month marked by the covid.

The pandemic, which has taken the lives of more than 1,500 people in the Region alone, has consequences, such as the capacity allowed in mosques, “much lower” if the restrictions established to try to stop contagion are applied. Another problem they faced, until yesterday, was the curfew, since, Benjelloun points out, “we have two very important prayers, prayers at night, where various rituals are done, and they will not be able to be done “at the time they should be done, since in the Murcian community, until tomorrow the measures are relaxed, today from ten at night At six o’clock in the morning you can’t go out on the street, if not for reasons of force majeure.

In this sense, imams from the Region and the Alicante area met a few days ago and made the decision to advance and join the last two prayers of the day, so that at ten o’clock at night the mosques are already closed. .

The two prayers that come forward and come together are called Maghrib and Isha’a. However, “joining them is allowed but not mandatory, so people are free to do so in the mosque or pray the Maghrib in time at the mosque and the last prayer of the day, Isha’a, at home”, the magnets agreed. Something that, with the announcement of the Covid Committee that curfew is delayed in Murcia, it will no longer be necessary. “It is good news”, values ​​Benjelloun, after learning from THE OPINION of this relaxation of the measure.

Muslims of the Region explained to this writing that the prayer time changes one minute every day. The time to break the fast also changes. “Most people choose not to have problems and make the prayers in the house“, highlights Benjelloun in this regard.

Yousra Takaroumt, a young Muslim who studies journalism at the University of Murcia, believes that still “there is a lot of ignorance“Regarding this religion and that there are people who even have reservations about solving their doubts.” Sometimes colleagues tell me ‘I don’t want to ask you if you feel bad, “says the young woman, adding that, for For example, “many think that you cannot go without drinking water for 15 or 16 hours.”

Lorca gives up a plot of land to build a new mosque

The Muslim community of Lorca has accepted the site donated by the Consistory to build a new mosque, municipal sources indicate.

The first idea of ​​this community was to enable as a place of worship a ground floor, which had already been arranged for this purpose, in the Apolonia area, but residents of the place showed their rejection of the mosque. Hence, the City Council, led by the socialist Diego José Mateos, mediated in the matter.

It was then that the government team offered the Muslims two plots as an alternative: one is in the Los Angeles neighborhood and the other in San Cristóbal. They will invest 200,000 euros in the mosque, which will be contributed by the faithful.

It is the first time that the City Council carries out a similar assignment to the Muslim community and with it will comply with a motion approved by the Plenary last February at the proposal of the PP, supported by Vox and in which PSOE abstained , Citizens and United Left.


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