Second Division: Five players leave Reus for lack of payment | sports

Second Division: Five players leave Reus for lack of payment | sports

Disappointing end of the year for the CF Reus Deportiu. The club has lost five players in one go for not having paid them the payrolls of the last quarter of 2018. League 123 see how one of their teams is very decimated to face the second part of the championship 2018-2019.

This Friday expired the term granted to Reus to settle the debt with its players after last week report the non-payment reiterated that they have suffered since the start of the course. The mixed commission of LaLiga and the AFE studied the file and validated the allegation of the complainants, with which the contractual link between the club and the players was canceled and, automatically, these were free to sign for another club in the market wintry.

Reus loses goalkeeper Edgar Badia, winger Fran Carbia, midfielder Vitor Souza and defenders Shaq Moore and Mikel Villanueva. In addition, the list of casualties could increase because David Querol and Captain Jesus Olmo, who have not charged either, study the possibility of undertaking the same route as their peers.

The uncertainty is absolute in the wardrobe of Reus. The team occupies positions of descent to Second B and faces the possibility of having to play the entire second round with a minimum template. The coach, Xavier Bartolo, barely has a dozen chips available for the calls; facing the next league game, the day of Kings against the Malaga, Bartolo already knows that he will not have Abel Mourelo, the second coach who has accepted an offer from Japan.

The owner of the Reus, Joan Oliver, announced two weeks ago that he had a closed agreement with an investor allegedly interested in buying the club and liquidating the five million debt that the entity carries. After a while, Xavier Lastarri, a man of Oliver's trust and president of the club, resigned, assuring that the entity's future was guaranteed.

However, nothing has materialized and the situation is desperate. Oliver, who has announced an appearance for this Saturday, was in time to pay, on the 15th, just before playing the game against the Cordova, to another 11 players who had also denounced the non-payment. It was then that it seemed that the Reus was coming out of the hole but it was only a mirage.

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