September 28, 2020

Second cut of the broadcast on Canal Sur before the February 27 strike

The workers of Canal Sur have cut this Friday for the second time in protest against the lack of hiring to fill vacancies in the Andalusian public chain, a decision prior to the strike they have called for next February 27.

The cut of the broadcast, which has started at 13.30 hours and is expected to last until 15.00 hours, is the second after the one recorded between 20.30 and 22.00 last night, which had a “massive” follow-up on Canal Sur TV, ATV and the provincial broadcasts of Canal Sur Radio and was “an example of the unity of the workforce in our legitimate claims,” ​​CCOO said.

The union section of CCOO in the RTVA has underlined in a statement that, “unfortunately, the management is playing dirty, lying and carrying out irregularities to try to alter support for strikes (shifts, bosses calling by phone to coerce, Fakes News message chains and communications that are seriously lacking in the truth). “

The management of Canal Sur, meanwhile, has considered in another statement that they are “unjustified” the strikes and the strike of February 27 called by workers after ensuring that they accepted their proposals during four meetings with the strike committee held on days February 10, 18 and February 20 (morning and afternoon).

Management maintains that it has authorized for March 31, 2020 the contracts of 20 technicians, five editors, a producer presenter, a producer and two doctors and that there is a commitment to request hiring of another 20 technicians during the second half of the year and of the relievers of all those employees who request partial retirement.

On February 25 there is a mediation in the Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration Service (SIMA) of Madrid to try to reach an agreement prior to the strike, sources of the union section of UGT in the public chain have explained to Efe.


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