Sebastin de la Nuez, Short Narrative Award Dolores Campos Herrero - La Provincia

Sebastin de la Nuez, Short Narrative Award Dolores Campos Herrero - La Provincia

The Canarian writer and journalist Sebastián de la Nuez Aránega, has won with the work entitled Las Palmas-Caracas-Madrid the second edition of Regional Narrative Short Award Dolores Campos Herrero, convened by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria through the advisory council of Pact for the Reading and Writing of Gran Canaria.

As reported by the Cabildo, the author from Gran Canaria has won this prize worth 4,500 euros which includes the edition of the work, which was valued by the jury from among the thirty received, addressing "the time domain domain that plays with different times" employed by the writer from Gran Canaria who resides in Madrid. In addition, the jury decided to grant a special mention to the story Voices from the grave, of Leandro Ariel Martín Quinteros.

The jury of the biannual award was integrated in its second edition by Emilio González Déniz, Ramón Betancor Lugo, Zaradat Domínguez Galván, María Jesús Alvarado Benítez, exercising as president of it Elsa López Rodríguez and as a secretary Minerva Santiago González.

As the award-winning writer points out, "the keys to the set of narratives that integrate Las Palmas-Caracas-Madrid they are summarized in one word, reunion. We could say as in the philosopher's book Fernando Savater, which has been an excuse to recover childhood or adolescence, reflected especially in the first two stories, Crazy dog's pension Y 2014."The author confesses that Las Palmas-Caracas-Madrid It is part of a trilogy in which he is working between the narrative and the chronicle as a hybrid combination of both genres. Recently Sebastián de la Nuez he also obtained the Short Story Award Isaac de Vega that summons the CajaCanarias Foundation, endowed with 3,000 euros, for his book of stories Common places.

De la Nuez adds that his work envisages "geographical reencounters that go beyond the cartographic (of course, because it is not an Atlas): with the Caracas left behind, whose tragedy revives in nightmares, and with this minefield of beauty, culture and crouching horrors that is Madrid, where I personally rediscovered the vestiges of the Civil War, there are physical and psychic vestiges, there are vestiges in walls and floors but also the head of many, "he adds.

De la Nuez has expressed his satisfaction at receiving this award "which bears the name of a talented and sensitive woman who left prematurely, Dolores Campos Herrero, who lives, however, permanently in his poetry and his narrations.

The literature of Arénaga

The literature of Sebastián de la Nuez Arénaga summarize their values, or rather give them your site. "It puts them in the form of stories," says the author. "Of course, looking for a 'theoretical' foundation for one's work is forced because, for one, each of these texts resonates with melody, they are like songs that he has been around for a long time and at some point he has been able to put in solfa, with its eighth notes and its spaces of silence, which is a prodigy, it is difficult to theorize about something so inside, "he stresses.

"At the end of the day these things belong to the weightless land, without a name, where evil spirits reign but also angels or something similar to angels." Of course we could talk about structure, tempo, ellipsis, thematic search, influences € Equal. How to name what you have managed to structure knowing that one appeals, always and in the end, to everything you have read, heard, seen, suffered and felt? All this makes a reportable mass. them and you make a story ", explains the writer.

The first edition of this call made in 2016 was won by the Mallorcan author but resident in Fuerteventura, Francisco Javier Santos Rebollo with his work Confessions of a plague. The Dolores Campos Herrero Narrative Short Award is organized as an action framed within the Plan for the Promotion of Reading and Writing for Gran Canaria (2015-2020), which promotes and leads the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, through the Ministry of Culture directed by Carlos Ruiz.

The writer Dolores Campos Herrero He maintained a fertile and generous relationship with literature throughout the story, with which he maintained an intense idyll of many years. Published in life fifteen books and three plaquettes. He was a journalist in different Canarian media and in his last professional stage he dealt with cultural information on TVE. His main dedication was culture, and specifically literature.

Poetry, narrative and children's literature were his main literary occupations, although he made the odd incursion in theatrical writing with works such as Hurry up, you're late, about the thorny issue of bullying. This cultural activist collaborated in magazines such as The Capercaillie, Chimera, The old mole, Cuadernos del Ateneo de La Laguna, The Plazuela of letters Y Dissent. The last of his books was titled Eve, paradise and other territories and other deliveries were Channel number five, Daiquiri and other stories, Basra, Alejandra looks at me, Azalea (with which he won in 1993 the Atlántida Prize for Children's Literature), Seven moons Y Deadly summers.


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