January 26, 2021

Sebastián Yatra, in voluntary isolation by COVID-19 after his trip to Madrid

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra confirmed that he will remain in preventive and voluntary isolation for 14 days to follow the recommendations of the Government of his country after arriving this week from Madrid, and clarified that he is in good health.

“We have just arrived in Bogotá and we are not sure what will happen. We have a preventive isolation of the coronavirus for all the people who come from Europe,” said the artist while wearing a mask in the El Dorado airport.

After settling in Medellín, Yatra published several videos on his social networks in which he informed his followers about his health situation and explained that he is not ill.

“I just arrived from Madrid to Medellín and it is very crazy because it applies (a government recommendation) to all people arriving from Europe who must be in isolation for 14 days, sworn and signed. It is very important that we all take care of ourselves”, assured.

In a story he posted on his Instagram account, he added: “I arrived just before quarantine is mandatory, but I will be at home all these days. We are dedicated these weeks to the guitar, preparing for the next tour” .

The Medellín singer explained that he will use this time to share with his family and friends, and asked Colombians to take care of themselves and follow all the preventive recommendations that the health authorities have indicated about this pandemic that already leaves more than 125,000 infected around the world. .

This Thursday, the Colombian Ministry of Health confirmed that there are already 13 cases of coronavirus in the country, after four women tested positive for the medical test.

The Government, for its part, declared a national health emergency and asked to cancel all events organized for more than 500 people.

“Please take care of yourself, wash your hands, and let’s try to handle this in the best possible way.”


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