April 14, 2021

Sebastian Pringle (Crystal Fighters): “In Latin America they know something we still don't know” | Culture

"I think it's a mixtape"Sebastian Pringle says with laughter about Gaia & Friends, the new job of Crystal fighters. "We wanted to continue taking material. These days, Drake he releases a disc a year and it is no longer usual to take three years to make a disc. Life is short and you should not spend three months enslaved with a song. We used to do it, "explains the singer.

It should not be analyzed as a set, but as a peck of influences and experiences, in which improvisation forms an important part. In that context, their collaborations with the Chilean artist were born Soledad Vélez and the Colombian group Stereo Bomb, as part of his admiration for Latin America.

It also highlights the experimentation of the band with fashion genres such as music trap in a year in which they reissued their own version of a festival. After the tribute to his album Cave rave in the cave of Zugarramurdi (Navarra) in 2013, the band presented on July 25 Wave rave, an ecological concert -which included waste collection by members of the band the next day- at the beach of Bermeo (Bizkaia) that was attended by Hinds, Belako and Bad Gyal as DJ. Now Pringle is excited about his performance at the festival Sonorama (Aranda de Duero) next Saturday: "It's an incredible honor. We can't wait to give you all our energy and love," he comments in this video interview with EL PAÍS.

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