'Search Party': Todd Solondz would also do it (if he could) | TV

'Search Party': Todd Solondz would also do it (if he could) | TV

Before shaping the first sitcom noir, the dysfunctionally hipster and hilarious – once you accept that there is no ridiculous problem, that everything is a small tragedy and at the same time it is not for the twenty-year-old millennial of Williamsburg- Search Party, Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers, its creators, made small creative cameos in Mozart in the Jungle Y Wet Hot American Summer, besides directing the scandalously indie Fort Tilden, a little gem about female friendship, or how hateful your best friend can turn out to be when things do not go as you expected.

By then they already knew James Franco and Jason Schwartzman, and who knows if he was inspired by Bored to Death, Own hipster noir of Schwartzman, that cross between a novel by Raymond Chandler and the carefree and laughable life of (writers) singles in Brooklyn, who created their only creature to date, the aforementioned Search Party (which can now be seen in Sky), the kind of series you have to see if you like a) Todd Solondz's cinema; b) Girls, Sees it, The End of the Fucking World, and c) Mysterious murder in Manhattan (or any Agatha Christie novel made graphic adventure).

She stars in the very worst Alia Shawkat (Transparent), in the role of Dory, the girl for everything from a rich smug girl, who, when she finds out that a former classmate has disappeared-see a poster with her picture somewhere-decides to go out and look for her and run away, step, of his life, becoming a kind of Carol Lipton infinitely less clumsy. Of course, for a moment it was feared that the second season was a mistake – as perfect as it had been the first – but Bliss and Rogers hit the nail on the head by making the group of friends go from look-alike to fugitive and, above all, , by redoubling the mood, what made her the first (and most cultured) sitcom noir.


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