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After the Christmas Lottery comes the Child Lottery 2020, which brings into play 700 millions in prizes next January 6. The lottery administrations are filled these days with players who want to participate in the second most popular draw, whose first prize is 200,000 euros per tenth.

‘El Niño’ will be raffled on January 6 at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid and as every year he will distribute a good sum of money that will flatten and much the January cost of some lucky ones.

As with the Lottery, El Niño is also surrounded by superstitions and beliefs. In fact, the favorite ending of this draw is 0. But this superstition is based on statistics, as it is the termination that has most often come out (21), followed by number 7, which has appeared on 14 occasions, followed by number 9 with a total of 13 appearances, according to data collected by Europa Press.

Check if your tenth has been the winner

Once the El Niño draw begins, they can check in real time if your tenths have won prizes. With our El Niño tester You will know at the moment which are the tenth winners and the amount of the same depending on the money that has been played.

In addition, for you to live first hand the excitement of the expected event you can sfollow the draw of the Child live on our website. Are you going to miss it?

The Children’s Lottery prizes

The draw has three big prizes: a first that will distribute 90 million euros (2 million euros per series); a second of 33,750,000 euros (750,000 euros per series), and a third of 11,250,000 euros (250,000 euros per series).

The issuance of this year’s Children’s raffle amounts to 50 series (compared to 45 of 2017) of 100,000 tickets each, at the price of 200 euros the ticket, divided into tenths of 20 euros. The total issue is 1,000,000,000 euros, compared to 900,000,000 euros in 2017.


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