Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Seals to detect if we have 'hacked' the mobile - The Province

Theelectronics devices, especially mobile phones, are one of the main channels through whichcybercriminalsThey can access all the information of the users and attack them, which makes it indispensable to know when they are protected or if, on the contrary, they have already been invaded bya malicious program.

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One of the main consequences of a mobile phone being pirated is that, once the device is tracked,you can perform phishing scams-suppletion of a legitimate source- against the user, which allows the attacker to carry out information collection operations, anduse the device as an espionage weapon when accessing the camera, microphone and location.

"Mobile 'malware' is one of the biggest problems in terms of cybersecurity that we face today," says Check Point's technical director for Spain and Portugal, Eusebio Nieva. But there are indications that may indicate that our 'smartphone' has been invaded by an attacker, as the company specializing in cybersecurity explains.


The performance can be an indication of attack; if suddenlythe operation of the mobile starts to be slower than usual, there may be a 'malware' that is slowing it down. A simple test to check, as indicated by Check Point, is to see what speed is connected to the network.

Also, the slowness is often accompanied by an excessive use of the battery and overheating, which means that it is having a constant use in the background that forces the processor to work for long periods of time at maximum speed.

Emerging ads

Theappearance of pop-up adsjust unlock the 'smartphone' is a clear announcement of infection, in this case, an 'adware'. They usually appear after downloading and installing some application, which usually utilities or RAM optimizers.

Service messages

On the other hand, the majority of 'malware' focused on Android uses the telephone number to subscribe the user to 'premium' services, so thiswill start receiving service messages(horoscope, etc.) that you do not know. In addition, you may also be sending these messages to your contacts or posting to your social media accounts without knowing it.

Apps not installed by the user

One last sign of infection isthe appearance of applications that the user has not installedand that, many times, they are can not be uninstalled or deleted. This fact also implies a significant increase in the use of data, which can serve as another indicator that something is not right in our 'smartphone'.


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