March 6, 2021

Sculpture with braids, this is the impressive work of Laetitia Ky – La Provincia

When we talk about art, we introduce ourselves in an unlimited space: there are no rules about content, nor matter, nor tools. innovative hair sculptures of Laetitia Ky it makes us expand the look towards a new concept.

Hairdressing has always played an important role in society, and beyond its aesthetic function, it can be associated with eras, fashions, social movements … However, this Ivorian goes a step further and endows his hair with life. Turn your braids into funny hands, or give shape to animals, people, trees and all kinds of figures.


Laetitia claims to have found her inspiration in the women of some African tribes. Although he dares in all kinds of ways, he feels passion for his hands since they were the element that catapulted her into social networks.

From designing the hairstyle, to executing it and making the photos herself through the self-timer: Ky takes care of the entire artistic process, from the idea to uploading it to his Instagram account.

In each of the photographs you can see the creation without limits.

These 3D hairstyles are a sample of originality, talent, fun, and creativity. In short, a work of art.

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