Screams without a mask in another harsh debate on Venezuela in the European Parliament promoted by PP, Ciudadanos and Vox

It is the sixth debate on Venezuela so far this year. The European Parliament has approved 13 resolutions on Venezuela in the last five years. And that the competences on foreign policy reside in the States, which also have the right of veto on the international initiatives of the European Union and, specifically, on the room for maneuver of the High Representative and Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell.

Pablo Casado tries to erode the Government before the partners of the EU with suspicions about the management of European funds

Pablo Casado tries to erode the Government before the partners of the EU with suspicions about the management of European funds

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The reason for the debate, provoked by PP, Ciudadanos and Vox, is a supposed "hidden mission in Venezuela" 15 days ago, as Dolors Montserrat, Jordi Cañas and Hermann Tertsch have repeated, who have accused Borrell of being a liar for defending that he was not a "clandestine mission". "I have done what I had to do and I would do it again. We have not been successful but it was necessary," Borrell has settled.

“He has sent a semi-clandestine mission to negotiate with the Maduro dictatorship the postponement of the elections [previstas para el 6 de diciembre]”, Said Montserrat:“ Presidential elections are not required, not even the immediate release of all political prisoners, nor the return of forced exiles, nor the cessation of repression, nor the empowerment of all candidates and The end result will be a new deception by Maduro, which will lengthen the suffering of the Venezuelan people with more violence, more poverty and less freedom; and the EU can never contribute in any way to this. "

However, the European Commission itself two weeks ago insisted that the 27 had been informed of the mission. That is to say, that the governments of the ambassadors with whom Casado was meeting had been previously informed of the mission sent to Venezuela. .

The Community Executive thus came out to face the accusations of the European People's Party, which described the mission as "clandestine", and indicated that the 27 had been informed and that it had their approval.

"It has been done within the framework of their diplomatic work and the member states have been informed before traveling," said the community spokesperson, who defended that there is a "clear mandate" from the 27 and from the Contact Group to proceed with the mediations. "The mandate is to continue negotiations with the government and the opposition in Venezuela to achieve a peaceful transition in the country," he added.

Spanish government sources also confirmed that this notice had been made to the Executive by the EU contact group.

But it has not been enough for the Spanish opposition MEPs, who have starred in the debate: up to four PP MEPs have participated (Dolors Montserrat, Antonio López Isturiz, Leopoldo López and Francisco Millán) in the debate to accuse Borrell of collusion with the Government of Venezuela.

During the debate, socialists, greens and the united left have defended the commitment to dialogue with all parties sponsored by Borrell. Manu Pineda (IU / GUE) has gone further, defending the legitimacy of the elections in Venezuela and accusing the Vox MEP, Hermann Tertsch, who has repeated the ejaculation "narco-terrorist regime" to refer to Venezuela of having advocated for a "coup in Spain", before what Terstch has risen, without a mask, to ask for the floor.

According to the rules, "MEPs must respect the rules of social distance and wear a mask within the European Parliament, also in plenary session. They can remove the mask when they have the floor."

Without a mask, they are also screaming and from his seat the former president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, Silvio Berlusconi's right hand in the European Parliament and scourge of Chavismo when he presided over the institution, has rebuked for several seconds. For his part, the Citizens MEP Jordi Cañas, annoyed by Borrell's qualifiers during his speech - he accused the attitude of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox as "regrettable" - got up, without a mask, to speak, and ended up arguing standing up, loudly and with the microphone turned off with the German green MEP Reinhard Bütikofer, who had his mask down during the scuffle.

Both the Socialist MEPs –Javi López, Nacho Sánchez Amor, Juan Fernando López Aguilar– and the one from Catalunya en Comú –Ernest Urtasun, Verdes– have reproached PP, Ciudadanos and Vox for using the European Parliament for "debates typical of the Spanish Courts" , as Green German Hannah Neumann tweeted.

"The press release of the [Nicolás] Maduro, in which he refuses to postpone the elections, arguing that he cannot by constitutional mandate only serves to worsen the political situation in Venezuela, "said Borrell in his speech before the plenary session of the European Parliament:" He has answered clearly and emphatically saying that in no way are they going to postpone the elections, given that the Venezuelan Constitution prevents them from doing so because there is a very clear mandate that they must be held on a certain date before the end of this year. Which, obviously, closes any possibility for the dialogue to continue in the perspective that I have explained before. "

"There will not be a single cathartic event that will make the multiple crises that plague the country disappear. Our role and our will is to help find a way that responds to the needs and demands of the Venezuelan people," said Borrell, who understands that Caracas' refusal makes it impossible for the EU to even consider sending the electoral mission. "The circumstances do not exist, they continue to occur and there is no realistic timetable either."

The socialist Javi López argued that the massive presence of Spanish MEPs in the debate turned the matter into a matter "more of Spanish national politics", and Sánchez Amor stated: "The Spanish right has dragged the European right into a debate that should take place in the Spanish Courts ".

The PNV MEP, Izaskun Bilbao (Renew), asked "to promote a peaceful, dialogue, lasting and viable solution to solve the" Venezuelan drama, without this tragedy "being used as a weapon in the political debate." And Urtasun considered a "habitual mechanism of European diplomacy" to send missions like the one that went to Caracas.


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