July 24, 2021

Scott Wilson dies, the «soul» of «The Walking Dead»

Scott Wilson dies, the «soul» of «The Walking Dead»

A few hours after the premiere of the ninth season of "The Walking Dead", the followers of the series has suffered a hard setback. Scott Wilson, who gave life to Hersel, and whose character returned to the AMC fiction after an absence of four seasons, died in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, aged 76, victim of a leukemia. The news was made public by the AMC itself on social networks: "We are deeply saddened to say that Scott Wilson, the magnificent actor who personified Hershel, died at the age of 76. We accompanied his family and friends in the sentiment."

Wilson, with a delighted career, devoted the last years of his life to participate in television series. In addition to the first four seasons of "The Walking Dead", he went through "Damien" or "The OA". Previously, he played Sam Braun, father of Catherine Willows, in six seasons of "CSI" and had an appearance in "Law and Order".

Wilson developed his career basically in the cinema, medium in which he made his debut in 1967 with "In the heat of the night" by Norman Jewison. That same year he shot "A sangre fría", with Richard Brooks. In 1974 he was part of the cast of "The Great Gatsby" by Jack Clayton. In the 90s he participated in minor films as "Intrepid Outlaws", a sequel to "The Exorcist" or "Judge Dredd." In 1995, Tim Robbins counted on him to shoot "Death Penalty" with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. Two years later he would intervene in "Lieutenant O'Neil". Wilson, who has worked in nearly a hundred productions, premiered the century in "X-Files" and works in a dozen productions in just five years, among which are "Monster", "Pearl Harbor" or The Last samurai".


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