Scott Wilson dies, Hershel in 'The Walking Dead', at 76 | TV

Scott Wilson dies, Hershel in 'The Walking Dead', at 76 | TV

On Saturday afternoon the producers of The Walking Dead announced in the Comic-Con of New York the return of one of its iconic characters, the farmer Hershel Greene, to dismiss the protagonist Andrew Lincoln in the ninth season. Only hours later Scott Wilson, an actor who played it, died at the age of 76 after a leukemia. The role he has made known to a new generation of this interpreter with 50 years of experience, and native of Atlanta where the series of zombies is rolled, will be his last work after a life dedicated to getting into the skin and giving soul to that classic American of the deep America, of always pitiful look.

Scott Wilson (Atlanta, 1942) was a very active secondary in both television and film during his long career, although his early years were not so ideal. He left his university studies in the early sixties to pursue his dream of being an actor and traveling by hitchhiking from Georgia to Los Angeles. In California came five years of bankruptcy followed by a debut in 1967 in two of the most important films of the year. It was the murder suspect Harvey Oberst in the Oscar winner In the heat of the night (Norman Jewison) and the killer and pedophile, who dazzled in real life Truman Capote, Dick Hickock, whom he physically resembled, in Cold-blooded (Richard Brooks) "All the actors wanted the roles, from Paul Newman to Steve McQueen, but Brooks hired strangers because he wanted to keep it that way, we were treated like real murderers who had to fight," Wilson recalled in a 1996 interview to Los Angeles Times. Those two roles would make him the perfect choice to play the afflicted murderer of the protagonist in The Great Gatsby (Jack Clayton, 1974).

"Scott will always be remembered as a great actor and we feel fortunate to have known him as an even better person," says the statement from the AMC network, producer of The Walking Dead: "His character was the emotional center of the series." Although they were series like The Walking Dead, CSI Y The OA What made him famous in his last decades, Wilson has in his curriculum films as relevant as Strength (Sydney Pollack, 1969), The reckless of the air (John Frankenheimer, 1969), The band of the Grissom (1971, Robert Aldrich), Death penalty (Tim Robbins, 1995), Chosen for glory (Philip Kaufman, 1983), Down river (José Luis Borau, 1984), Monster (Patty Jenkins, 2003), Pearl Harbor, Judge Dredd, The Last Samurai, Lieutenant O'Neil and, his last film, Hostile. Interestingly, before returning to Atlanta to fight with zombies, the actor again gave voice to Hershel (who was in the series from 2010 to 204) again in a special episode of the parody Robot Chicken.

In his screen career he was soldier, pilot, chaplain and innumerable sheriffs, although he always went from behind, except when in 1981 he was nominated for his secondary in The ninth configuration, directorial debut of William Peter Blatty, who made him his fetish actor for the forgotten sequels of The Exorcist. In his real life, however, he wanted to leave a mark. Thus, one of his most relevant works was his work in the actors' union SAG. Wilson was, after all, that classic actor actor. Until your last day.


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