May 15, 2021

Scott Fraser 'flies' in the labyrinth of Mogán – La Provincia

Scott Fraser 'flies' in the labyrinth of Mogán - La Provincia

Even with the good taste of mouth that left, during the night of Wednesday, the first day of the Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting (G-COM 2018) in The Village of San Nicolás, the more than 300 registered for the second stage of the competition took, at the beginning of this Thursday, the streets of Mogán. In an urban layout, in which fast sections were combined with other very technical ones, Scott Fraser He flew to mark the best time in the queen category (M21). The Scot, braked in his victory aspirations on the eve because of a problem in a control, he retaliated in the South of the Island: he stopped the clock in 16 minutes and seven seconds to be the best of the day.

In the footsteps of Fraser, in the classification, they appear the Finnish Arttu Syrjäläinen -Which marked a time of 16:56 to repeat, like the previous day in La Aldea, in second place- and the Swede Johan Runesson (17:39), which on the first day had been the fastest. Jonny Donner (18:38) and Anatoly Zelenin (19:10) completed the list of the top five finishers, while the Galician Miguel Ramos Pernas (23:45), thirteenth in the table, was the national runner who presented the best time at the finish line.

In F21, as happened a few hours earlier in La Aldea, the Lithuanian Ausrine Kutkaite He was the fastest to complete the circuit by setting a time of 18 minutes and 37 seconds. Following their trail, in the female elite category, they appear the Norwegian Lone Karin Brochmann, which used 58 seconds more (19:35), and the German Alexandra Zelenin (21:50)

In the M35 and F35 categories, the fastest through the streets of Mogán were the Frenchman Olivier Guignard (18:40) and the Norwegian Heidi Stokseth (23:32), while in M18 and F18 the runners with the best results were the canary Javier Andrés Pacheco Lorenzo (19:08) and the Danish Alberte Thyssen (22:34)

In a test that brings together athletes with elite rank there is also room for families -from grandchildren to grandparents-, couples or retirees. Thus, in M75 + -for over 75 years- the Swiss Christian Fiechter signed a time of 14 minutes and 31 seconds to complete the challenge, while in F65, the Norwegian Bjørg Kocbach It was the best in its category (13:03).

The competitors highlighted, after completing the second stage, the diversity of the route through the streets of Mogán. At a temperature of 24 degrees At the start of the day, the G-COM 2018 demanded the maximum of its skills from its participants. In front of the first section, with a fast layout, the second half -between streets that gave shape to a labyrinthine landscape- tested the dexterity of the runners with a very detailed and technical reading of the map.

The calendar of the race, for the day of this Thursday, also presents two more proposals: an explanatory talk on the Trail-O modality (15.30 hours) and a race of Trail-O at South Park of Maspalomas. this Friday, at the competition level, the G-COM program offers a truce: a day of free training – also planned in the South Park of Maspalomas.

The next stop of the international caravan of the G-COM 2018 is set for Saturday. That day, organization, runners -of 20 nationalities-, sponsors, collaborators and the public, have a major challenge: the Long Race (Pine Forest Race) by Tamadaba. The machinery of the race will be launched in the first hour: at 7.45, from the Municipal Sports Center, the bus will leave the runners from La Aldea to Artenara. There, competitors will have to find their beacons in a pine forest with dense undergrowth in some areas, a strong relief in some sections and technical parts with rocks and cut.

The G-COM 2018 is organized by Orientación Canarias ( by Limonium Canarias) and has the Island Sports Institute – European Sports Island and the Gran Canaria Tourist Board as main sponsors. The municipalities of La Aldea, Artenara and Mogán also appear as sponsors of a test that has the massage school Begoña Ferrero, Gofio La Piña, Tirma, Coca Cola-Aquabona and Gofio Buenlugar as collaborators


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