January 23, 2021

Scotland returns during the month of January to a total confinement like that of the first wave

From midnight on Monday and throughout the month of January, Scotland reinstates a total confinement. This was announced by its prime minister, Nicola Sturgeon, in the country’s Parliament this afternoon, local media report. “It is a lockdown similar to that of March last year,” Sturgeon said.

For the remainder of the month, Scottish citizens are called to stay in their homes and not go out except for essential tasks such as going to the pharmacy and shopping.

The tightening of the restrictions is adopted after verifying that almost half of the new infections in Scotland are due to the British variant of the coronavirus. The president has compared the situation to a speed race between the vaccine and the virus.

Sturgeon has assured to be now more concerned about the situation than in any of the previous months, except last March.


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