Scopen, the 100% Spanish consultancy that "stormed" emerging markets

Scopen, the 100% Spanish consultancy that "stormed" emerging markets


The Spanish consultancy «Scopen», created in 1991 by César Vacchiano and Kika Samblás, is defined as "independent and focused on the niche of commercial communication" throughout the world. "We are there to bring order, certain methodology and objectivity when making decisions: To choose to work with a patner or another is key to have a consultant," says the co-founder and CEO of this consultancy, César Vacchiano. Specifically, this firm is specialized in«Identify» the best patners (digital agencies, SEO, consultants …) in communication for their clients and help them in the best way to remunerate them.

All this, not only in Spain and Portugal, but also in markets as different as Europe, China, India, Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina …) or Africa (South Africa) and in the hands of clients like Santander Bank, BBVA, Natural Gas, the travel comparator «Kayak» or Affinity (White Hen). With just over fifty employees, Scopen already plays in a global league.

In this regard, the consultant invoices more than 60% of your business outside the country although "the office in Spain is still the largest, in which we work about 27 people", although it also has 23 other employees spread across countries such as Portugal, United Kingdom, China, South Africa or Argentina. The firm closed 2017 with a turnover of 3.7 million euros and plans to finish 2018 with a turnover of 4 million euros.

2008: crisis and international "leap"

After the first years in which «Scopen» consolidated its operations in Spain,n 2006 opened its first office in Portugal and two years later, with the beginning of the crisis, they decided to bet on internationalization, making the leap to China. A path that, assured César Vacchiano, has been carried out mainly "with the two founding partners reinvesting the benefits to go opening one market per year ». So up to a dozen in four different continents, a challenge that Vacchiano has compared to learning languages: "It gives less vertigo than at the beginning, although it was the hardest to start because of the barriers that were in China," he said.

In this sense, Vacchiano pointed out that for example in the European Union "the issues of legislation or remuneration are more similar" and that the "jump »is more noticeable when they disembarked in Latin America"Laws and rewards are very different between countries, since an agency in Brazil does not charge the same as in the rest of the subcontinent or within Mexico and Argentina, the latter country with economic problems," explained this veteran consultant.

In Africa, he added, the difficulties for the Spanish consultant have come «Legislation on parity between the white and black race». Now, in his opinion, the greatest contrast is experienced in Asia and, specifically, in China"In the Chinese market there are some 3,000 television cadentas and some 10,000 written publications with difficulties to reach all regions," said the co-founder of Scopen, who spoke of abysmal differences between the urban fabric and the countryside.


The Spanish consultancy also has a special connection with the well-known French town, home to another famous film festival. Specifically, «Scopen» acts as the official representative in Spain of the International Festival «Cannes Lions» that awards the best advertising cinema. An annual contest that takes place in the well-known French town, after its cinematographic older brother. «We help identify Spanish talent and, at the same time, we promote the event in Spain. A country that is positioned as the seventh in the world ranking of advertising powers», Says Vacchiano who declares himself delighted with the level of the campaigns carried out in our country. Similarly, «Scopen» also participates in the organization of the «Efficiency Awards» together with the Spanish Association of Advertisers. A few awards that this year celebrate 20 years.

All this in an activity, advertising, which in the opinion of the co-founder of the firm is in a «Transformation phase» in everything related to the talent and services that this industry offers its clients. «The agencies in the last 10 years are increasingly closer to the consultants, although they still have a lot, are already taking steps incipient focusing on the digital transformation process and to help their clients to carry it out ", he concluded.


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