January 24, 2021

Scooters, off the sidewalks no more than 25 km / h from today

Madrid, Jan 2 (EFE) .- From today electric scooters will not be able to circulate on sidewalks and pedestrian areas or exceed 25 kilometers per hour in speed, in addition to that their users must comply with the traffic regulations like other vehicles.

The regulations that regulate the use of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP), scooters and sabway, above all, have come into force today after being published a few weeks ago in the Official State Gazette (BOE)

Meanwhile, we will have to wait until May 12 for changes to speed in cities to be made: 50 kilometers per hour on roads with two or more lanes, 30 kilometers per hour on roads with a single lane per direction of traffic, and 20 kilometers per hour in which they have a single carriageway platform.

Because although this modification of the limits has already been published in the form of a royal decree in the BOE, the Ministry of the Interior has wanted to give municipalities some time to adapt their signage and their roads to the changes.

They will also have to adapt their ordinances to the entry into urban roads of the VMPs and enable, if they deem it appropriate, parking areas for these means of transport.

As of this Saturday, everyone who rides an electric scooter will have to comply with traffic regulations like any other driver and may even be subjected to the breathalyzer test.

However, it is still pending to agree on the need or not for mandatory insurance for these personal mobility vehicles (VMP).

“We will open a second phase of debate with the municipalities in which, based on all the accumulated experience, we are going to advance in a much more detailed regulation. It is planned to talk about everything”, including that insurance, the general director of Traffic, Pere Navarro.

In any case, it will be the municipal police who are in charge of surveillance and control and those who, with their municipalities, establish priorities when sanctioning some behaviors or others, as recalled by the head of the General Directorate of Traffic.

The regulation of the scooter is part of a package of legal reforms, approved by the Government on November 10, the objective of which is to generate a new model of road safety that allows a 50 percent reduction in deaths and serious injuries during the next decade.


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