April 15, 2021

Scissors of the Government to the «moscosos» of the officials

Scissors of the Government to the «moscosos» of the officials


The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service, Meritxell Batet, has given an unpleasant surprise to public officials when deciding to limit the days of own subjects of the public employees (6 to the year as a rule) and popularly known as "moscosos" when conditioning them to the time actually worked during the year, as denounced by the Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) .

The majority union in the Civil Service has denounced that this reform introduced by Batet is in practice «A significant cut in rights»And announced legal actions if not rectified.

Since CSIF have denounced that the decision has been taken in the Superior Staff Commission of the General Administration of the State, in which the trade unions are not present and that it has been in this body in which an agreement on interpretation criteria has been distributed to the different departments that introduce the new requirement of proportionality for the "moscosos" . That is, from now on the days of their own affairs will be proportional to the time actually worked during the calendar year.

In this line, from CSIF have described the measure as "stubborn interpretation" and warned that de facto limits the management of days of free disposal in cases such as women victims of gender violence that reincorporen a surplus or those who take refuge in this figure to care for a family member. An extreme that they have censored from this union, since the leave of absence in these cases seeks to protect themselves from an aggressor.

CSIF has also denounced that the Basic Statute of the Employee it does not contemplate situations of gender violence (nor those of family care or terrorist violence) as "voluntary leave". What does happen, on the contrary, in the case of exceedances for particular interests or family grouping.


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