Scientific Rebellion denounces passivity against the climate emergency at the gates of Congress

Scientific Rebellion denounces passivity against the climate emergency at the gates of Congress

Hundreds of members of the Scientific Rebellion collective have demonstrated this Wednesday in front of the Congress of Deputies within the week of protest that is taking place around the world in the face of the passivity of governments, companies and institutions to fight the climate emergency. A group of young people has thrown red paint against the main facade of the Congress and then they have sat down on the other side of the Carrera de San Jerónimo, in the Plaza de las Cortes. Minutes later, dozens of riot police have come to the scene, they have dragged a part of the protesters, who have peacefully resisted the eviction orders, to gather them all and proceed to identify them.

The next time scientists assess climate change, the die will be cast

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The global protest actions are preceded by the publication of a new report by the UN Scientific Panel (IPCC), which warns of the irreversibility of global warming and the consequences it will cause for the entire planet if drastic and urgent measures are not taken. : "It's now or never". The conclusions are clear: CO2 emissions must be drastically cut now because, at the current rate, the gaseous crust will make it impossible to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, as the countries have promised and scientists indicate is the tolerable threshold.


2 scientists throw paint on the facade of the Ministry of education. The 1.5°C has failed. Climate revolution NOW!#scientificrebellion #scientistrebellion #scientistrebellionstrikes @ScientistRebel1 @esXrebellion

— Scientific Rebellion Spain (@EsRebelCientif) April 5, 2022

The actions will occupy the whole week. In Spain they have already occurred on Monday and Tuesday, and this Wednesday it has reached Congress, where the usual control session of the Government is held. A couple of hundred people have gathered in front of the main gate flanked by the iconic lions. Later, a group of them went up the stairs and threw red paint on the façade as a symbol of the "climatic extinction" to which humanity is condemned if, as experts say, no means are put in place against global warming .

Later, they have moved the protest to the Plaza de las Cortes, where they have chanted slogans against the inaction of governments, companies and institutions. At that time, half a dozen vans of the United Police Intervention (UIP) of the National Police, have arrived with a great display of sirens and riot gear to reduce, lift up and drag the last group of protesters, who have resisted peacefully, until encapsulating them and proceeding to their identification.

Dozens of officers have participated in the police operation. At the time of the identifications there were more riot police than protesters. There have been moments of tension both with the young people who were protesting and with the press trying to document what was happening. One and the other have received shoves and shouts despite the absolute absence of violence beyond police action.

One of the people who has participated in the protest is a professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid Jorge Riechmann, who has explained to that beyond the sixth IPPC report, humanity is dragging "decades in the wrong direction in a kind of flight forward that ends in an uninhabitable, hellish land. This doctor in Political Science has lamented that there are no massive demonstrations, such as those that did take place before the pandemic caused by the coronavirus within the so-called Fridays for Future.

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