July 6, 2020

Schwarzenegger falls from the Climate Summit

He could not reach Madrid due to bad weather, which has prevented the departure of the plane that brought him to the capital

The actor and former governor of California between 2003 and 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has not been able to attend today an event he had scheduled at the Climate Summit (COP25), held until December 13 in Madrid.

According to Sebastián Navarro, general secretary of the Capital Cities initiative against Climate Change (CC35), the actor of the famous saga ‘Terminator’ has not been able to attend the Summit for “personal reasons”. Navarro has also commented that there were storms in the United States that have prevented his flight from leaving in time to reach Madrid.

Half a million dollars

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the members of the Worl World Zero initiative, launched on Monday by former Democratic Senator and former US Secretary of State Jon Kerry, with the goal of maintaining more than 10 million of "climate talks" in the next year with Americans from across the political spectrum, according to "The New York Times" and with an initial budget of half a million dollars.

"We must not only talk about climate change, but we must use terms such as pollution, because that is a real threat that reaches a much wider group of people," said the interpreter, very aware of the cause.

To the Kerry initiative, some of Hollywood's most popular faces have been added, and not only from the world of cinema, concerned with the environmental issue, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson, Ashton Kutcher, Sting and former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, among the more than sixty names that has joined to demand actions already to face the climate crisis. “This is not an issue that only concerns our president. There are important projects of many groups, particularly of young activists, but no country is doing the work that is needed, ”Kerry told NBC News.

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