Schwarzenegger, at the Climate Summit: "Fossil fuels kill"

The actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said today at the Climate Summit held in Katowice (Poland), that "fossil fuels kill people", and that "seven million people" die each year from air pollution .

"We must all wake up, take conscience and stop poisoning the world, get rid of fossil fuels because they kill people," said the actor of Austrian origin, who has been present at the Climate Summit since yesterday (COP24).

The former governor of California (USA) admitted that the arguments that point to the negative impact of climate change, such as rising sea levels or the retreat of glaciers, may not convince everyone, but everything changes when shown to people that these effects can affect their daily lives.

"When we talk about glaciers or sea level rise, people often say that they will not be affected by that or that they do not feel these changes, only a minority feel those changes directly," acknowledged the actor, who asked to change " the way of communicating ", to transfer to the public opinion" a more direct message ".

"Showing how climate change and the use of fossil fuels directly affect our health is a good way to convince people, so the more we talk about it, the better," he said.

Schwarzenegger noted that many people deny climate change, but "one can not deny the data that speak of millions of people dying annually because of air pollution."

Nine out of ten people in the world breathe polluted air, which causes 7 million deaths annually from causes directly related to pollution, according to the World Health Organization data.


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