Schumacher is "in good hands", according to the family | sports

Schumacher is "in good hands", according to the family | sports

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher is "in good hands," according to a statement issued Wednesday by the family one day before the seven-time Formula One world champion turns 50. The declaration also asks for "Understanding" due to scarce information that is provided about the health of Schumacher, since he suffered a ski accident five years ago.

"You can be sure that you are in good hands and that we do everything possible to help you, please understand that we follow Michael's wishes when a sensitive issue such as health is reserved for the private sphere," says the note addressed to the followers of the expilot.

Five years after the accident, the health of the Kaiser remains a mystery that has hardly transcended anything, only guesses from a couple of testimonies that, in any way, do not allow you to get an accurate idea of ​​the conditions in which you are .

His wife Corinna has imposed a total privacy policy in tandem with Sabine Kehm, the spokesperson. The people in charge of Schumacher receive a compensation commensurate with the responsibility demanded of them – in 2017, Forbes It estimated the family's assets at 880 million euros. On the other hand, the few friends who may succumb to the temptation to talk more about the account have long ceased to be friends. Among the latter, for example, figure Willy Webber, the agent who discovered the pilot and who represented him until 2010. The circle of confidence established by Corinna is reduced to the closest relatives and a few exceptions outside it.

As a gift for the 50 years, the Keep Fighing Foudation will create a virtual museum where you can review the successes of Schumacher's career through an application. "The application is a new milestone in our effort to do justice to him and to you as we celebrate his successes," the statement says.

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