School Day of Mathematics in the Islands with magic and origami

The Canarian Society of Teachers of Mathematics (SCPM) 'Isaac Newton' commemorated the XXI edition of this event that was born with the aim of bringing mathematical thinking closer to students in particular and to society in general, emphasizing the importance of this language in the formation of citizens with a critical sense and capacity for reflection.

The program had specific activities according to the educational level and incorporating dynamic workshops that have mathematics as the central axis. Thus the students were able to relate mathematics to origami, construction of structures and even with magic tricks.

The celebration also served to announce the winners of some of the school contests organized by the SCPM 'Isaac Newton' throughout the regional territory, such as the Photography and Mathematics Contest, the GeoGebra Video Contest and the Incubator for Surveys and Projects. Also during the past day, the island winners of the XIV edition of the Mathematics Tournament of the sixth year of Primary Education were announced.

The commemoration of the School Day of Mathematics has its origin in the Canary Islands. It was the Founder of the 'Isaac Newton' society, Luis Balbuena Castellano, who submitted the proposal to the Federation of Mathematical Associations for its designation. The School Day of Mathematics is celebrated every May 12 in recognition of the figure of the mathematician and engineer Pedro Puig Adam, born in Barcelona on May 12, 1900. It also coincides with Nursing Day, in honor of Florence Nightingale ( Florence 1820), recognized as the first sanitary statesman.


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