Scheduled and monitored by technology, special report on 'The Focus' - The Province

The programFocusfromCanary Televisionairs this thursdayProgrammed, a special report on the unstoppable technological revolution and the risks involved. The arrival of 5G will allow great advances such as the development ofautonomous carsand theremote surgeries, but it also exposes users to greater intrusion into their privacy and creates new security hazards.

The report shows the ease that mobile applications have to access our microphones and our data. The lack of knowledge and tools to defend ourselves in the network as well as the dependence on electronic devices makes usvulnerable to cybercrime.

The Approach speaks with those affected, with experts and with hackers to show the two faces of technological advancement and addresses another reality: the threat of jobs that are not qualified by automation and robotics.

In addition, El Enfoque will bring political news to the discussion table. Among other matters, it will deal with the position of the Canarian nationalists and the conditions of Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña to allow an investiture of a PSOE-Podemos Government.

In social terms, the program will address the arrival of boats to the Canarian coast in recent weeks and the resources available to public administrations to deal with this problem.

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