Schedule and where to watch the Real Madrid-Liverpool match of the Champions League live

Schedule and where to watch the Real Madrid-Liverpool match of the Champions League live

Nobody forgets the second leg of the quarterfinals against Chelsea, in the Champions League last year, that game that the real Madrid He arrived with a great advantage and he saw how it slipped through his fingers, with 0-3 against and chances missed by the Riva teamhe. Rodrygo scored after a sensational pass from Modric, the clash went to extra time and there, in Madrid's quintessential territory, the moment of emotion and epic, Benzema did the same. He was unforgettable, but cardiac.

"Dead, dead", repeated a crestfallen, disheveled and exhausted Carlo Ancelotti in a corner of the Real Madrid locker room, as seen in the documentary of the last Champions League. The Italian coach could hardly even speak. "Incredible," he added and breathed and passed his hand over his face, with another sigh in which part of the soul was left. "Incredible". «It may be that in my role I do not show tension, but there are moments in the career in which you suffer a lot and it is the most normal thing.. Against Chelsea it was one of those moments, "he recalled yesterday, before today's match against Liverpool at the Santiago Bernabéu, to which Real Madrid arrives with an advantage, but which they do not trust a hair. «The memory we have against Chelsea, which is very much alive, will help us plan a different game. For this reason, what I have said is very important, try not to make calculations and repeat the open game that we played in the first leg”, the white coach continued about tonight.

After the victory against Chelsea, before collapsing exhausted on a dressing room bench, Ancelotti said that arriving at the match with an advantage caused a short circuit in his players. They didn't know whether to go on the attack or be conservative. On the other hand, the rival had it easier, in that sense: since they were dead, they could only go to kill. More or less, the same thing that happens to Liverpool: «On a psychological level, I think the game is more complicated for us than for Liverpool. They have to go all the way to get the best from the first minute, no matter what. The result of the first leg, in this aspect, puts us in doubt a bit”, the Real Madrid coach continued to explain yesterday.

The victory at Anfield has been the most forceful match that Real Madrid has played in recent irregular months. In LaLiga and in the Cup, it is not enough to be the dominant team that it did prove to be in the Liverpool field, where it recovered from a terrible start, to put an end to the rival's morale. In the following days it seemed that Klopp's men had reacted, especially with the win against Manchester United, but on the last day of the Premier, the legendary English club lost against the bottom team. He lives, more than ever, based on outbursts and today he needs a long, constant and scoring one so as not to leave the Champions League much sooner than expected.

“The message is quite simple and clear. We don't have to do calculations, we have to play the best we can. You have to consider a match like the one in the first leg. We will try to enter the game from the first minute and playing with the maximum intensity and enthusiasm to win," Ancelotti repeated yesterday, that a fighting Liverpool is expected and does not want any confidence among his own. Because as LaLiga is today, the Champions League has become Real Madrid's main competition and because at 63 years of age, Carlo Ancelotti's health cannot afford another match like the one he experienced, or rather suffered, against Chelsea in the last edition.

"If I don't die today," the coach said in the solitude of the locker room, "I'm immortal" and he shook his head as if he didn't fully explain it to him either.

Schedule of the Real Madrid-Liverpool match of the Champions League today

Real Madrid plays the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 at the Santiago Bernabéu, this Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Defend the 2-5 achieved in the first leg.

On which television to watch Real Madrid-Liverpool live

The game can be followed online in Larazón. is and also watch live on the Movistar channel