Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Schedule and finalists of the first grand final of 'GH Duo' today

Horario y finalistas de la primera gran final de ‘GH Dúo’ de hoy

There are only four left finalists of
GH Duo
but from this night on there will be only three. And is that the new reality of celebrities from Telecinco face tonight the first his final with a duel between those who have been able to get rid of the expulsions and the nominations of their own cohabitants. Juan Miguel, Kiko Rivera, María Jesús Ruiz and Alejandro Albalá they play tonight their pass to the Grand finale.

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The appointment with the spectators will start, as usual, at 10 p.m. although it will not be until at least one hour after it is known the name of the expelled by the audience of
GH Duo
. Among the names that sound strongly is that of Juan Miguel, who has done a fairly discreet contest, and who could leave the house of Guadalix de la Sierra today.


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Between The two favorites to win the contest are María Jesús Ruiz and Kiko Rivera, who could also meet his mother, Isabel Pantoja, on set, after having learned that the singer will participate in Survivors 2019 and that it has closed an agreement to replace María Teresa Campos in Telecinco.

On the other hand, Alejandro Albalá has been gaining prominence in a contest where his greatest support has been at the same time his biggest obstacle: your ex, Sofia Suescún. The young man has been able to show the spectators an unknown face, with lights and shadows, although he has earned his salvation on more than one occasion.

'GH Duo': So are the percentages before the expulsion of the fifth finalist

'GH Duo': So are the percentages before the expulsion of the fifth finalist

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