Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

SCC prepares its jump to Europe in 2019 and a project with the horizon in 2050

SCC prepara su salto a Europa en 2019 y un proyecto con el horizonte en 2050

The president of Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), José Rosiñol, announced today that the presiding entity wants to form next year a European association that goes beyond the Spanish borders, in the same way that aims to create a project aimed at thinking about the Spain of 2050.

Rosiñol, who has participated in an informative breakfast of 'Fórum Europa. Tribuna Catalunya ', where it has been presented by the Constitutional Law Professor Francesc de Carreras, has detailed that a few weeks ago he transferred the idea of ​​this European project to the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, who, as he said, "loved it "

It could be called European Civil Society

Sources of SCC have indicated to the journalists after the intervention of Rosiñol that this new entity, that could be called European Civil Society, would have to appear of official form in the month of March of the next year. "If we know how to manage the union in diversity, we can be the mirror of Europe," said the president of SCC, since "Europe does not know how to manage its own diversity and Spain, with Catalonia in the lead, can begin to lead the way" .

He assured that "what happens in Catalonia is a symptom, at least, of a European disease: a virus called populism and nationalism" and that Europe must be built "from the bottom up" and not from "top to bottom" as has done so far.

He also explained that SCC intends to launch a project aimed at thinking about the long term, which could be called Spain 2050, to "think strategically" since, due to the implosion of the you procés, society has "ten years blank" without thinking about the future. And, instead, it is necessary "a strategic thought because the world changes" and "representative democracy is in danger": "Either we change or we are eaten", Rosiñol has asserted.

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