July 26, 2021

SCC asks Torra to stop “becoming the hero” and call elections

“We do not want an activist, but a true president of the Generalitat,” he said at a press conference after meeting with the PP in the round with parties that the entity has opened.

Together with the vice president of the entity, Xavier Marín, and the board member, Ángela Herrero, the president of the entity has asked Torra to leave “instead of holding on to the position”.

“If you disobey we will enter into a delicate situation, because any law can be challenged,” said the SCC leader about Torra, who no longer votes in the plenary of the Parliament.

SCC has stressed that it has launched a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) for a Catalan electoral law in which each vote is worth the same, because nationalism has always wanted to “bizarrizar in this law because it interests you.”


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