SCC announces a "new story" aimed at those who left "the idea of ​​Spain"

The president of Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), Josep Ramon Bosch, said on Friday that the entity wants to create a "new story" aimed "at Catalano-speakers who have abandoned the idea of ​​Spain."

This is what he said in an appearance before the media during the meeting of SCC's partners, of which Bosch has said that they come out "very reinforced" and from which a "program of very important maximums" will be born.

"What we want is to create a new story here in Catalonia, also in Catalan, aimed at Catalan-speaking people who have abandoned the idea of ​​Spain, and also to defend the principle of legality and justice that here in some cases seems to be abandoned," he said. the president of the constitutionalist association.

Bosch has assured that in this meeting SCC has "discussed very intensely one more speech in Catalan" to "speak to the Catalans of Spain in a positive way".

Although it has nuanced that it will continue defending "the rights of the Castilian-speakers".

When asked about the presence of pro-independence symbology in Catalan public universities, Bosch has asked for his withdrawal, especially at the "Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where there is a very aggressive presence of symbols".


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