June 14, 2021

Scar Snchez sits as chair in the 17th edition of the Boulevard Faro Tournament – La Provincia

Óscar Sánchez, winner in scratch with 44 points, he broke the field record for Maspalomas Golf during the celebration of the 17th edition of the Boulevard Faro Tournament, the tenth qualifying round of the XXII Canarias S & G-Maspalomas Golf Cup Circuit, which took place yesterday at the southern facility with the participation of 110 players. The winner presented at the end of his tour a brilliant card with eight birdies (holes 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 17 and 18) and ten pairs, in one of the best performances in memory of the Gran Canaria golfer.

Regarding the First Category, the victory went to Rafael Fajardo with 40 points, ahead of Jacinto Artiles, who added 39. In second, the victory fell to Fernández-Valencia with 40 points, Luis Pablos being in second place with the same points but greater handicap than the first. In Third, Eduardo Romero won with 40 points, while the second place went to Ari Mirko Ocampos with 38. On the other hand, the special prize for the best classified senior corresponded to Isaac Moreno.

The winners were awarded their classification to play the Grand Final of the Canarias S & G-Maspalomas Golf Cup Circuit, which will be held on the same southern course on Sunday next week. The day before, the XVII Seaside Hotels Tournament will take place, for the benefit of San Juan de Dios.


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