Scam Exposed: You Cannot Trust Trustpilot!

Trustpilot is supposed to be a service you can trust. It is supposed to be the one that tells the truth about online services and their reviews, however, we put it to the test and can see nothing but a flawed system verging on corruption.

Trustpilot is just another company built to make money and deliver a product that is completely pointless whilst damaging companies on the way!

Do you ever read Trustpilot reviews before buying anything or taking up a membership on a website? Don't let Trustpilot put you off, their system is built with one only one thing in mind, to make money! You only need to look on places like Fiverr to see how easy it is to manipulate Trustpilot reviews. Pay $5 for 50 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews if you wish to screw up your competitor. Yes this happens, maybe not so much now on Fiverr but you can buy fake reviews everywhere, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, there are tons of people doing this job. The entire Trustpilot system is flawed, bad reviews means more money to them.

What you may not know about Trustpilot is they have a paid membership system for businesses. As soon as you get the dreaded email "You have a new 1 star review", you can contest it, but 99% of the time the bad review will remain. However, sign up, pay them and their team will look into the review in more detail and 99% of the time, remove it. That is corruption at the highest standard. How can you run a supposedly fair service, publish other websites URLs, slander those websites and charge to remove the slander, that is what Trustpilot do!

We put Trustpilot to the test with a website of our own.

We built a website that does't have a membership fee or any type of service.

We created a fake 1 star review, see the review below:

As you can see, we have made the review as slanderous as possible and it is about a website that doesn't even have a members area. There is no payment system, absolutely no possible way anyone could get scammed for a service that doesn't exist.

The next step was to contact Trustpilot to have the review removed, asking for the reviewer to supply us with an order number or invoice. Obviously there is no invoice or order number because the service does not exist!

This is the reply from Trustpilot:

So there you go, you simply cannot trust Trustpilot. If they allow reviews about services that are not services, websites that don't offer any payment system, how can you trust any review?! Now if we had a business account with Trustpilot, we are certain this review would have been taken down almost immediately, however, we don't think paying ransom money should be legal. We also requested for our website URL to be removed from the Trustpilot system, we were told they do not do that.

We are exposing a scam, corruption and slanderous business setup with only one objective, to make money. Hopefully soon, there will be a lawsuit against Trustpilot. They have no right to add websites to their system, domain names are the property of the registrar and website content you create is yours.