Sayre Dcimas proclaims champion of the Princess Cup - La Provincia

The CV Sayre Tenths was proclaimed this Sunday Volleyball Princess Cup champion, which has been played in Palma de Mallorca. The grancanario set, which militates in the Female Super League 2, defeated Vall D'Hebrón in the grand final in an exciting meeting that was resolved in three sets (25-16, 25-20 and 27-25).

The date with the story was clear. The island squad wanted to register his name for the first time in the medal winners of the competition, while his rival struggled to be the first team to win the title for the second time.

The clash began with the two teams squeezing the rival reception with their serve, but only the grancanarias managed to accompany their direct points with the construction of a wall in the network, which would open a clear income and impossible to recover for the whole of David López (25-16).

The Catalans would improve with the passage of the crash to cut distances with a sober and effective Sayre Tenths. Danna Paola Escobar He was leading the attack in Gran Canaria to command the exchange of actions and definitely break the final set straight, where the island cadre managed a partial of 5-0 that finished the balance in the marker of the German Escales de Palma Pavilion (25-20).

There was no room for error for Vall D'Hebrón and the people from Barcelona showed their pride in controlling the first measures of the third race. The success in attack and the inaccuracies of Sayre Tenths allowed him to reach the final stretch of the quarter with four points of advantage. Desiree Glod pulled experience and trade to lead the reaction with Angie Vente to flip the score and close the grand final on the fast track (27-25).

The vice president of the Spanish Federation, Eladio Freijó, along with María Dolors Besné, president of the Volleyball Federation of Illes Balears, presented the CV Sayre Tenth of the trophy that accredits him as the champion of the thirteenth edition of the Príncesa Cup.


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