July 31, 2021

Sayre CC La Ballena achieves its second victory at the expense of Kiele

Sayre CC La Ballena added its second victory of the course by beating Kiele (3-1). The locals, who fell in an even first set (21-25), rebuilt. They came back from 1-7 at the start of the second heat and, when the visiting team only lacked one point to make it 0-2 (19-24), they came up to score the set 27-25 (1-1 ).

This was a morale boost for the Sayre. He went on to win the third set by eight points (15-7), but ended up suffering from the subsequent reaction of Kiele, who could not prevent the locals from winning it 25-23. The fourth round was more placid for the locals: 25-19 and a valuable victory.


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