Save up to 1,800 euros per year with the appropriate energy efficiency measures

Save up to 1,800 euros per year with the appropriate energy efficiency measures


World Energy Saving Day will be celebrated next Sunday, October 21, in a context of escalating electricity and gas prices., a web of savings, has compiled a series of measures in order to obtain an important saving in the family economy and, at the same time, take care of the environment. In total, these actions allow to save at the end of the year an average of 300 euros, although they can reach up to 1,815 euros depending on the starting situation.

Last Monday, the price of electricity returned to its annual historical maximum, when it reached 78.89 euros per megawatt / hour (MWh). For its part, natural gas is also experiencing an increase in its price, when in September it reached values ​​close to 29 euros / MWh. The escalation of prices has required the action of the central government that, among other measures, has abolished the electric generation tax, the green cent for natural gas power plants and the so-called "sun tax". However, Spanish households are experiencing first-hand the rise in their bills, so that saving measures are more necessary than ever.

«One of the options for Spanish households to cope with these increases in the best way is to bet on energy efficiency measures. In this way, not only will be contributing to the savings in the bill of light, but also protect the environment by wasting less energy than necessary. In addition to these measures, it is convenient that we compare our electricity and gas rates with those available in the market, since it is possible that we can find a more economical offer among all those offered by the marketers. Comparing rates can help us save up to 194 euros per year on the electricity bill and 66 euros on the gas bill, "says Hernán Martínez, CEO of

Next, the experts shed the appropriate measures of energy saving In the home:

-Sellar doors and windows. Up to 30% of the heat of a home is lost through the windows, so installing double windows is a good way to prevent this from happening.

-Install thermostats and timers in heating appliances. Program heating or air conditioning so that it starts a little before reaching the house and maintain a stable temperature thanks to a thermostat can save 8 to 13% of heating costs, approximately 60 euros per year . A temperature of 21 degrees is enough to maintain a comfortable environment, each additional degree increases consumption by 7%, that is, almost 30 euros per year.

-Avoid stand-by. Leaving the appliances with the pilot on, even if they are not being used, implies an energy expenditure equivalent to 2.3% of the total annual consumption. Unplugging appliances that are not in operation allows savings of between 50 and 100 euros per year.

-Replace traditional bulbs with others of low consumption or by LED lamps. After the ban on halogen bulbs last September 1, LED bulbs have become the best option to light our home. This type of lamps are more efficient, since they convert 90% of the energy into light, and also contribute to the environment, since, not containing mercury, they are less polluting. With this measure, energy savings can reach up to 156 euros per year, even if it means a higher initial outlay.

Make efficient use of household appliances. Washing clothes at 40ºC instead of at 60ºC can save up to 55% of energy. Likewise, a correct choice of the washing program will provide energy and water savings and a longer duration of the garments. This measure will mean, in total, a saving of 40 euros at the end of the year.

-Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and use it efficiently. The refrigerator is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy, since it is constantly in operation. To save on our bill, it is important to choose the equipment with the size you need. Hot foods should not be introduced into the fridge: besides being able to spoil the food, by allowing it to cool naturally it will be saving energy. Regulating its internal temperature between 3ºC and 7ºC (freezer temperature between -20º and -18º) will also save electricity. Keep the back part ventilated and free of dust, in addition to eliminating frost, since 2 millimeters are enough to increase energy consumption by 10%. This would save about 17 euros per year.

-Reduce the expense when cooking. Turn off the fire before and take advantage of the residual heat, use suitable containers to the burner and use utensils that reduce the cooking time are small gestures that allow us to save up to 60 euros a year.

Measures for saving water in the home:

-It is always better to shower than to bathe. It takes 100 liters of water for a shower and 250 liters for a bath. This means that showering means an average saving of 400 liters per day and home, which would lead to a saving of 174 euros per year.7

-Closing the tap when brushing teeth and / or shaving. Up to 30 liters of water per user per day can be wasted. A good use of water could save 34 euros per year in this concept.

-Repair possible leaks. A toilet with a leak can spend up to 200,000 liters a year, which means a waste of about 300 euros per year. In addition, a dripping tap can be a waste of 30 liters a day, which would translate into 17.5 euros per year of unnecessary spending.

-The placement of aerators in taps and cisterns double discharge can allow a saving of between 40% and 50% in water consumption, which means a saving of about 80 euros per year.

Other saving measures, to plan in the medium or long term:

-Install a condensing boiler. Its installation has a high cost, but it is more efficient than conventional ones and will allow a saving of more than 200 euros per year, so that the investment can be amortized in a very short time.

-Renew appliances. Those that have the A +, A ++ or A +++ label, will allow to enjoy a greater saving in the electric bill, although in principle they mean a greater investment. This measure can mean savings in consumption of up to 50%, around 100 euros per year.

-Improve the isolation of the building, especially as regards insulating windows and double glazing. This is one of the definitive measures when it comes to saving on air conditioning in the home. A good thermal insulation will allow an energy saving of 30%, up to about 200 euros a year, approximately. However, this measure supposes a work in the structure of the house and an important economic investment. Periodically the regional governments usually offer aid to carry out this type of investment, at the level of neighborhood communities, which could cover part of the expenses.

Government aid for energy savings

-Electric social bond. Designed for consumers considered vulnerable and severely vulnerable, it allows savings in electricity bills of 25% and 40% respectively. The Government has increased the groups that can benefit from this assistance, including families with members with dependency grade II or III and single-parent families.

– Thermal social bond. This year this bond has been launched to help pay the heating and gas bill. Those eligible for the electric bond can benefit from it, and their payment is for a single annual fee, which would come to alleviate the gas bill in the winter months


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