'Save me' reveals Rocío Flores and Antonio David's strategy for Olga Moreno to win 'Survivors 2021'

Olga Moreno and Antonio David Flores.

Olga Moreno and Antonio David Flores.

Dew Flowers go through a very delicate personal and professional moment: his mother, Rocío Carrasco, accused her of beating her and leaving her unconscious; His father, Antonio David Flores, although he remains out of the spotlight, he sometimes comes to the fore with clashes like the one he had this week with Carlota Corredera. In any case, his battles are legal, one of them against his ex-wife. His brother, David Flores, had to testify against his mother and issued heartbreaking statements.

Since Rocío Carrasco, signed for Save me and both work in the same chain, the tension of the young woman shot up and she had to make decisions: the first, not to go to visit her father's wife, Olga Moreno, in Honduras as she had planned.

Rocío Jurado's granddaughter He surprised the collaborators of Sálvame when he appeared on the Telecinco set with the same hairstyle as his mother, a braid that crowned a high bun. This imitation was not the only change in the collaborator, her attitude caught the attention of the attendees.

The gestures of Rocío Flores in Sálvame

One of the main supports of Rocío Carrasco's daughter on Television, her friend Marta LopezHe noticed the detail of the girl's hair and let him know. She replied then that she would be proud to look like her mother because "she is very pretty."

Rocío Flores with a high braid, like her mother. TELECINCO.ES

To Kiko Hernández it seemed an excessive scene: "I have it clearer than water: all this is orchestrated by Antonio David. He has told his daughter that this attitude does not benefit Olga Moreno because is already smelling the 200,000 euros. Nor do I believe this girl, "said the collaborator, who continued to state his reasons:" He does everything to win over the public of those who believe that the girl is bad and thus save Olga. And Olga is not going to be saved for this pretense. "

The program then uncovered the conditions of the Rocío Flores contract in Survivors 2021 as in "The Ana Rosa program." Among them is that in order not to feel uncomfortable on the sets, she asked "avoid sitting with people who criticize Antonio David or support his mother ".

In this clause they stopped to comment on the supposed "veto" to Belén Rodríguez, Paloma García Pelayo and Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Dew Flowers he always managed to avoid them until the day he argued with Master Joao.

According to the leaks of the program, the daughter of Antonio David Flores also asked that your representative will accompany you to all program meetings, what the production company would have refused.

Kiko Hernández faces Rocío Flores

Kiko Hernández's anger reached its peak after he received a message in which he was informed that Rocío Flores had said that she would talk about him. "You do not threaten me, or tell me that I am the least indicated to speak. Shoot, speak what you want, then I'll go for you, your father or whoever it is "it warned him. "Rocío Flores has said that I am the least indicated to speak. To talk about her, about her father, what is it going to be about? It's not going to be about Survivors!" He argued.

Kiko Hernandez. TELECINCO.ES

"I tell you to shoot, to speak, to count, to say. But have your noses after sit on a television set with me. You can say what you want about me, just like I talk about you and your father. If you do not have affection for me, tell me directly, do not tell other people so that it reaches me, but rather you called me to tell me that if your mother was still around you were going to sit in a Deluxe to tell everything ", it ended.


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