Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

'Save me Okupa' already has a release date

‘Sálvame Okupa’ se podrá ver 24 horas en directo

It already has a name. It already has date. And it already has broadcast platforms 24.
Save me Okupa
, what is this kind of mixture between
Big Brother
and the collaborators of
Save me
, the weekend of the April 12 live. I mean, it will start this Friday, the day after the end of GH Duo, and can be followed 24 hours on all platforms online of Mediaset.

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Has beenor Kiko Hernandez, who is in charge of revealing all the details of this program that has awakened a lot of excitement (and also some friction in the offices) between the audience and the future contestants of this reality that has been finally baptized as Save me Okupa.

'Save me Okupa'

'Save me Okupa'

Those who are followers of the chain are in luck, especially if they have an intelligent television, because they will be able to continue during 24 hours everything that happens through the Mediaset platforms Mitele.es or the channel Youtube of the audiovisual company led by Paolo Vasile.

Of course, the contestants have not yet been officially announced, although in Telecinco's gossip it is said that "Nobody will miss", in reference to the heavyweights of the program, "by direct order of Vasile". But Kiko Hernandez has launched another bombing because he has assured that there may be visits from ghosts of the past: former collaborators banished from the program such as Raquel Bollo, Rosa Benito or Karmele Marchante.

'Save me Okupa'

'Save me Okupa'

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