April 10, 2021

Savater | Television | THE COUNTRY

Savater | Television | THE COUNTRY

One of the tests to assess own sectarianism is to know the opinion of Fernando Savater, a character reviled by the right and the left based on his political statements. On Sunday, The 2 offered one of its excellent Essentials about him, an opportunity to get to know the character, one of the most coherent intellectuals who has demonstrated with texts and facts his respect for democratic coexistence at the same time as his distance from egotism. Seldom do you attend an autobiographical story with the simplicity that Savater did. He himself said: "If I had to tell my life, I would tell it with the books I've been reading."

A Savater who recognizes his love for his hometown, San Sebastián; for a childhood in which he discovered his fascination for Africa, dinosaurs and horse races, on which he has written unforgettable articles, and for his wife, Sara, whose death turned him away from fiction writing. An intellectual capable of recognizing the influence of comics in his life, vindicating Captain Thunder, Guillermo Brown, Ciorán, Tolkien, Stevenson or Agustín García Calvo, whom he confesses was one of his true masters, despite the subsequent distancing. "But those are the good teachers, the ones who let you go."

He was one of the founders of Basta Ya !, an essential civic movement to end ETA terrorism. Study partner and friend of Enrique Ruano, assassinated by the Political-Social Brigade of the Franco regime, helped in the return of Yoyes, assassinated by her companions of the terrorist band after declaring her desire to abandon her permanently. An essential Savater, promoter of the subject of Education for Citizenship, which ended the excellent program citing the epitaph of the legendary rider Arthur Robert Freeman: "Always energetic in the finals", be "the end of racing, the end of love or the end of life. "


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