March 5, 2021

Saulo Trujillo: “The accent does not mean neither more nor less; what matters is the message “

His acting skills come to him when he was little, when he pretended to be ill to avoid going to school, right?

(Laughs) As a child he was imaginative, he had a curious inner world and unconsciously that seed began to germinate from childhood. But it was not until 4th year of ESO that I considered acting seriously, I attended the Bachelor of Performing Arts and then the four-year career in Dramatic Art.

Do you consider yourself a theatrical artist?

I am passionate about theater. I could not choose between him or the cinema, but it is true that I have a special affection for him. What excites me, regardless of the platform, the language or the way of interpreting, is the possibility of embodying another reality, other lives, either in front of the camera or on stage.

And from fiction to reality, what has a series like ‘Hierro’ meant in your life?

On a personal level, you go from being an anonymous character to someone recognized for a role and who is stopped on the street. That already represents a change, because I am an introvert, I always go my way and that public exposure I do not quite understand. After all, I am a worker. It is quite a radical change, but they have almost always been comfortable, jovial and friendly meetings. I’m glad so many people have seen the series and that the work is well received.

In the first season, he stepped into the shoes of Daniel, a shy person in a troubled inner world. Does the Island become oppressive, a prison surrounded by the sea?

The distinctive feature of Daniel is that he is not a common villain, we are not talking about a psychopath or the typical baddie of the movies. He is a young man subjected to a very pessimistic environment; He wants to get out of the environment of that small island with few possibilities and that for him represents a prison. That is why he decides to act like this with the sole objective of escaping, although in the end everything becomes complicated, and there he brings out those dark nuances: his frustration, anger and rage, creating increasingly uncontrollable situations. The truth is that this is a very nice professional challenge.

It remains for us to discover it in the second …

So far I can read. But I have great faith that this second season is going to be a success, due to the enormous work of the cast, the scriptwriters and the direction. I trust the project and I feel good.

But after so much success, continuing the series will be a challenge, right?

That is what we face every day in this trade. When you reach the applause, the obligation is to show something better next, capable of overcoming the above, and knowing the team I can assure that the work is full of love and great enthusiasm. Success no longer depends on us.

Is one contagious in contact with professionals like Darío Grandinetti or Candela Peña?

I wish! They have taught me so much. They are very generous professionals who made us part of the youth from the beginning. As people they are simply incredible and they treasure an enormous human quality. Above all, I thank them, as well as the rest of the team, for giving me the opportunity to live a fantastic experience such as filming Hierro.

Does the director allow a young man like you to go off the script and model the character?

In my case, it is true that Jorge Coira was stricter in that sense, I don’t know if because my proposals were very bad or because he had very defined and framed Daniel’s profile. But he did accept a request, specifically in the scene where I’m about to get into the van and Antonia San Juan wants to steal my diamonds, when I asked him to really hit me. (Laughs)

“What I am passionate about is embodying another reality, other lives, either on stage or in front of a camera”


The series once again sets the sinister world around drug trafficking, but elements such as the fight for custody of children, more domestic issues …

I can’t tell much about the script, but it is true that there are more plot triangles, more subplots, also a greater number of characters … There is a wider field in terms of situations and I consider those elements to enrich this second season with respect to what could be experienced in the first.

And are you looking forward to the premiere?

Of course. And not only because of the fact of having participated in the series, but because from the point of view of a simple spectator it hooked me. I consider that technically the quality is very good and the plot caught me from the first moment. I really want to see this second season.

Would you choose El Hierro as a destination for a vacation?

Well … I was practically living there for three months. It is a beautiful island, charged with a special energy, but it does not offer many leisure alternatives for young people, especially for those who like to move in different environments and see different things. I think it is an island that offers you a unique opportunity for rest and reflection, but a long vacation is not very profitable.

Do you know how to knead bread?

I knew, but I’ve been losing practice (laughs).

Is it lavish in networks?

Sometimes I come up with some crazy or absurd idea, but my work is oriented to theater and cinema. Now I am studying voice over and also dubbing.

It was about time the Canarian accent was accepted.

From the voice of experience, I think there is still a long way to go before the Canarian actors are accepted. When it comes to giving opportunities, we are still somewhat apart and forced to go through the hoop as far as accent is concerned. An accent does not mean more or less; what matters is the message, the way of saying it.


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