Saudi Arabia intercepts missiles in Riyadh airspace and border with Yemen

Anti-aircraft defenses in Saudi Arabia intercepted two missiles in Riyadh airspace and in Yezan province, bordering Yemen, an action that Saudi authorities have accused the Houthi rebels in the neighboring country.

Turki al Malki, spokesman for the Arab military coalition led by Saudi Arabia that intervenes in Yemen in favor of the internationally recognized government, said in statements collected this Sunday by the official SPA agency that at around midnight the Royal Air Defense intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles.

In the Saudi capital, the fall of the remains of the missile caused minor injuries to two civilians, the Riyadh Civil Defense reported, according to the agency.

The shells were fired at “civilian” targets from the Yemeni regions of Sada and Sana’a, according to Al Malki, who accused the Houthis of the attack and promised to continue his “decisive” measures to end the rebel threat.

“The launching of ballistic missiles by the Houthi terrorist militia and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at the moment reflects the real threat of this terrorist militia and the Iranian regime that sponsors it,” denounced Al Malki.

The Houthis have claimed numerous missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the last major one last September, when they claimed to have attacked two plants of the Saudi state oil company Aramco.

The action caused the temporary suspension of 50% of the production of the world’s largest oil company, although Saudi Arabia, like the United States, accused Iran of the attack.

The Saudis have been leading the Arab military coalition carrying out attacks against the Houthis on Yemeni territory since 2015, in support of the government of President Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, which the rebels have been contesting for power since 2014.


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