Saturday is the DN7 Festival in Gáldar with Nio García as headliner

Saturday is the DN7 Festival in Gáldar with Nio García as headliner

Image of the presentation in Gáldar. / C7

Teodoro Sosa highlighted the level of the poster of the event that will take place this Saturday at the La Quinta Cultural Enclosure

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The Cultural Precinct
La Quinta will host the DN7 Festival on Saturday from 11:30 p.m. which will bring together a broad cast of the series 'La Reina del Flow' –the most watched in the history of the Netflix platform– and also
Canarian talents and international star Nio García as headliners. The event, which includes other artists, already has
60% of the tickets sold from a capacity of 6,600 people. Tickets are on sale at, there will be a box office at the entrance to the venue to purchase until the last minute and the organization also provides buses that will connect Gáldar with Las Palmas before and after the Festival.

Theodore Sosa, Mayor of the City; Julio Mateo, Councilor for Culture and Festivals and the producer of DN7 Music,
David Navarropresented the festival in the company of several of the artists who will participate: Colombians
Kino, Kevin Bury and Juan Palau; Canaries
Leyvan and Juanfran and the Malaga
Carlos Heredia. In addition, they will also participate
Nio Garcia –author of the musical hit 'Te boté'–,
Adexe and Nau, Ariann Music, Chunky, Juanita Molina –also an actress in the series– and the DJ of El Hormiguero,
DJ Valdi. The event will be presented by
Charles Torresleading actor of the series in the role of 'Charlie Flow' and will feature the actor
Lucho Velascowho plays the role of Manín.

Bet on Galdar

Teodoro Sosa, Mayor of the City, welcomed the artists and thanked the producer for its
"strong bet" for Gáldar. «Every year the bar for artists is higher and raising it becomes more complicated but this year we have been presented with this opportunity. David Navarro offered us this Festival and we thank him for trying to position himself in the Canary Islands by balancing the Archipelago. We are used to enjoying great events at the Gran Canaria Arena or in Maspalomas, but in the north there is life and we have been proving it for some time. And Gáldar can be that benchmark in the north, "said the first mayor.

«Getting this Festival to be held in Gáldar only makes me have words of gratitude. We have to make it a success so that more producers
bet on Gáldar and so that DN7 continues to do so. Surely it will be an unforgettable night, "added Sosa.

Mateo, convinced of success

Julio Mateo, Councilor for Culture and Festivals, who also welcomed the artists, recalled that "we have always been committed to culture and now, thanks to La Quinta, we have a large venue that
allows us to organize such a large event with a capacity for 6,600 people. I'm sure they're going to have a great time," she said. "For Gáldar it is a huge opportunity because of the repercussion because these days artists are sharing their experiences in Gáldar on social networks, which is why they carry the name of this City to the entire planet," continued the mayor.

David Navarro, grateful

David Navarro, for his part, was "very lucky to be here" and thanked the City Council "for having supported us to ensure that the towns can reach
large events like this». “For producers this is a risk. They all prefer to always play it safe and that is why they go to the Gran Canaria Arena or the Maspalomas Stadium, it is a guaranteed full house. But here, thanks to the politicians of this municipality, we can hold an event of these characteristics, which is very complicated. And having 60% of tickets sold is a challenge achieved », he sentenced.

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