Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Sarmiento: "This party shows that our strength is in the collective" - ​​La Provincia

Sarmiento: "This party shows that our strength is in the collective" - ​​La Provincia

The central of the Spanish handball team Dani Sarmiento he stressed, even over the victory achieved over Iceland, the strength of the collective game of the Spanish set.

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"Above all I am happy because it is an encounter that has allowed us to see that our strength is in the collective, all the players have been good in the moments they have had to contribute and that is important for the rest of the World Cup," he said. Sarmiento.

A choral work that allowed Spain to overcome the numerous difficulties that the Icelandic team raised, especially in attack. "At times the Icelandic defense has choked us a little bit because of that pressure that forces you to play practically some against some very fast, without almost circulation of the ball and that is something that hurts us, but the team has known how to read the game" , explained the Spanish central.

Sarmiento also wanted to highlight the good defensive work of the Spanish team, who "put on his overalls" before the Icelandic team. "The team has known how to suffer in the difficult moments of the game, has put the overall work on defense and that has allowed us to recover balls and acquire at the end of the first that slight advantage, which we have managed to maintain throughout the game," he said. Sarmiento.

A chapter in which he played a fundamental role Sarmiento himself, who was in charge of maintaining the distance on the scoreboard in the final minutes with a spectacular recovery of the ball and three goals. "This is just an example of the sacrifice of this team, we all contribute in all the tasks, the important thing is that we all continue together, united, that everyone contributes and that is our strength, because handball is a collective sport", he concluded. the spanish player


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