Sarda, Verino and García Madrid, with optimism about the future

Madrid, Apr 8. (EFE) .- True to its essence and with the intention of boosting sales, the Andres Sarda firm has inaugurated the Madrid catwalk with a collection of cabaret-flavored lingerie, while the designers Roberto Verino and Manuel García Madrid have opted for Current garments that last over time.

"Resist and sell" is the objective of these three firms that reinvent themselves and adapt to the new times and wishes of the public, as seen in the presentation of their collections through videos and also "performance".

Andres Sarda has heated the infinite meters of concrete of Ifema with an uninhibited collection that has helped to enliven the atmosphere diminished by the scarce influx of public to comply with the security measures.

"When we started to prepare the collection we did not know how we were going to be able to present it," explained the director of the lingerie firm this Thursday to Efe, Nuria Sardá, happy that finally the health situation has allowed the catwalk to be held in a format hybrid, as in the previous edition.

Enric Auquer, winner of the Goya revelation 2019 and nephew of the designer, and Lali Espósito from the Netflix series "Sky Rojo", are the protagonists of the "fashion film" "Who is she?", Under the direction of photographer and filmmaker Eugenio Recuenco.

"It has been a very beautiful, different and stressful experience," said Sardá, who proposes a song to "joy, to life, a celebration with the hope of freeing ourselves from the pandemic."

Inspired by women who have made a difference in the performing arts, from performance to music, the collection combines "beauty and well-being; comfort and sophistication", a way of counteracting "the difficult moments that we live and that will pass", she said. optimistic.

Before, on Serrano Street, Roberto Verino presented his new collection with a film in which he defends a functional and sustainable fashion, which invites us to reflect on the impulse of shopping: "Quality instead of quantity".

Faced with this health crisis, he is excited, "we are going to get out of this," Roberto Verino (Verín, Galicia, 1945) explained to Efe, proud of having "warrior genes."

With this latest collection, she claims a fashion that "lasts over time", as well as smart wardrobes and emotional pieces that treasure "beautiful memories, happy days that should be the majority, not just a few days in an idyllic setting."

For a long time the concept of comfort has been given importance, but this last year more: "Now the consumer wants natural fabrics, quality materials", added Verino who is against consuming badly, "always good and little is better".

He hopes that society has no memory of a fish and values ​​nature, flavors, colors, smells, "ultimately quality."

Verino is convinced that fashion generates a desire to enjoy, "in addition to making people feel good" and under this concept he has created a collection for women and men.

Investigating new forms and aesthetic concepts, the firm García Madrid has presented its proposal for the next autumn-winter 2020-2021 in which it combines traditional and artisan tailoring with the "more urban and sporty" universe, its creative director told Efe Manuel García Madrid.

Which translates into jackets, windbreakers, trousers with the highest waist and sports details such as elastic bands at the waist, pieces with which you seek freedom of movement, closeness and independence.

A collection in which he has made an "artistic coexistence" with Miss Beige, the alter ego created by Ana Esmith. "A way to bring freshness and to reach people in a more pleasant way".

"I started by making a flat collection in the tones to include touches of color. Winter does not have to be identified with dark tones," he says, alluding to his fuchsia raincoats or turquoise pants.

Pieces that are not aimed at a specific age and that taken out of context are very "wearable", they can be adapted to any wardrobe and personality, at any time of the day, for a man who likes to "experiment without going crazy".

García Madrid (Villacarrillo-Jaén, 1970) has collaborated on this occasion with the Jaén firm AyF Tejedores, National Prize for Crafts 2020 in the Product category, a way to reinforce the spirit and to value the artisanal and meticulous work of the loom .

"It is an artisan work in which I have put the design and they have transferred the colors that I saw when I accompanied my parents to the field," he says proudly, showing a poncho with which to cover himself on the coldest days.


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