Sarah Almagro, a "miracle case" that struggles to raise awareness about vaccines

Sarah Almagro, a "miracle case" that struggles to raise awareness about vaccines

He enjoyed the first summer when he could cross forbidden borders at night and have fun like any young man with 18 years, but a meningococcal meningitis And caused septicemia that miraculously survived although with serious consequences such as amputation of the extremities.

Eight months later, Sarah Almagro speaks in first person with Efe to thank the wave of solidarity that has grown around her in order to raise the necessary funds to facilitate biomechanical prostheses that allow her to move by herself and thus have an adapted life away from the wheelchair.

"I'm fine, but a little sick of the situation, of always sitting, lying down, with how active I was," describes Sarah, who has embarked on an initiative to promote awareness about vaccination.

The doctors, explains his mother, Silvia Vallejo, did not expect him to have survived, "they consider his case a miracle," and both they and the patient are clear that the sport has "saved his life."

Lover of water sports, Sarah now tries to return to the routine and, among other things, has begun to attend law class at the University, although her dream now, rather than "being an inspector of the Treasury", which was marked When she finished Baccalaureate, she is a "Paralympic triathlete".

"I would like to dedicate myself to Paralympic sport and try to get to the triathlon," he confesses with a sparkling look, and that is that Sarah has not lost her smile despite the harshness of these months, of waking up in an ICU where she received the news of her illness, that "I did not know it existed."

Through the association "We are your wave" have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of vaccines, and his family has held meetings with government officials in order to include in the vaccination schedule tetravalent meningitis with serotypes A, C , W.

The first step has already been achieved, with the commitment of the Junta de Andalucía to include it in its calendar and they hope that the initiative will be extended to the rest of Spain, since in Europe it is implemented in the vast majority of countries.

He trusts that his case will serve to publicize the disease because he assures that information has been hidden, "the mortality rate of this disease has increased greatly in recent years and people should be aware that vaccines are important, They are for your good, "he says.

Her personal struggle continues, her kidneys are still not working, which keeps her on weekly dialysis and doctors rule out a transplant, for the time being, due to her physical condition, since she could reject it.

The stumps of their arms are already cured, ready to be coupled to a bionic prosthesis, real robotic devices whose longevity does not go beyond eight years, and its unit price is around 50,000 euros.

However, the grafts in the right leg are not healing as fast as expected due to a "patella exposure, the wound has been stagnant," says the affected herself.

It recognizes that the road is not easy, that it has its days and moments of "slump" but that thanks to social support, to the great solidarity that its case has originated, it feels "very sheltered" and "with strength", even for overcome your shyness little by little.

"When I found out what I had, I asked my mother why, because with all the bad people in the world, I'm not that bad," says Sarah, who then adds with the look of someone who has reborn: "my priorities have now changed, I no longer complain because I get a little wound from nothing".


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