SAP, a business and professional revulsion

SAP, a business and professional revulsion

The technological transformation marks the vertiginous rhythm of business development. If companies want to be able to follow this accelerated pace, they need to have allies that are up to the challenge. Many of these companies have found in a computer program a firm point of support with which to face this transit. His name is SAP and people who specialize in it are among the professional profiles with the highest labor demand.

Companies that use SAP can be large or small, and as different as the sectors to which they belong: services, retail and consumption, production, energy and natural resources, public administration and finance. Next to Oracle and Microsoft, SAP is among the suppliers of software Most important in the world. In fact, the German firm figures at 404,000 the number of clients that rely on its services and applications.

In essence, SAP is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning), that is, a "business resource planning system". Its great attraction is that, in the same database, a company that uses a version of its software is able to plan and manage all the resources of the different areas of the company – purchasing, finance, accounting, marketing, logistics, quality or human resources. In other words, The company can have access from a single program to any area of ​​the business.

The definitive push to the professional career

From the Higher Institute of Professional Studies CEU, two specialized degrees are taught in this program, which serve both as a revulsive of business management and as leverage in the promotion of the career of any professional. On the one hand, it offers course Certification SAP S / 4HANA Finance and SAP ERP Purchases and, on the other hand, the course SAP Fiori and Hana Cloud.

Proof of the importance that SAP has in the business environment is the growing demand for workers specialized in this technology. Borja Huerta Muñoz, SAP Application Developer at Hotelplan MTCH AG, is one of them. "After browsing hundreds of job offers, I came to the conclusion that training in SAP would greatly expand my options to acquire a qualified position in the field of computer science and stand out among the typical programming languages ​​with which everyone learns in the race. So it was. In less than a month, I found a job twenty kilometers from my house", Says the computer engineer now based in Zurich (Switzerland).

This specialist in SAP recognizes that when he finished his engineering he was not aware that studying this training would be an impulse of this magnitude to his career: "After seven years, I know it was the best decision I could make. Now I can move around the world and find work, at the most, in a month. I do not have problems of economic stability thanks to her, because this is one of the most demanded specialties in the market and there is not much offer. Nowadays that is something very complicated to find"

Not all the professionals specialized in SAP comply with the IT profile. In the case of Diego Fernández González, survey engineer, it was the company to which he had previously sent his CV, which contacted him to offer him a training scholarship in this specialty: "I did not think twice, I knew that SAP is a tool that more and more companies request and that has a great future ". The now junior programmer admits that there are times when one can feel inferior in conditions with respect to the teammates, but with practice, desire and effort these difficulties can be alleviated.


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