May 13, 2021

Sao Paulo returns to lead the positive numbers of Latin American parks

Sao Paulo returns to lead the positive numbers of Latin American parks

Most of the main Latin American stock markets followed the positive path indicated by Sao Paulo today, as did Wall Street, which opted for green numbers because of the recent good news of the US-China negotiation.

On the floor of the New York market the brokers spent a hectic day that finally ended in positive, in the hope that the current truce between Washington and Beijing in its trade war will become a lasting peace.

The Industrial Dow Jones added 91.67 points (0.39%) to the entire 23,879.12, while the S & P 500 advanced 0.41% or 10.55 points, to 2,584.96, and the Nasdaq advanced 0.87% or 60.08 points, reaching 6,957.08.

The continental parks took note of this positive performance.

In the plaza in São Paulo, its benchmark index, the Ibovespa, closed the day with an increase of 1.72% for 93,613 points, which is the fifth historic maximum, a result influenced by an overflowing confidence of investors in recent policies. sworn in President Jair Bolsonaro.

The largest group in Latin America reported Wednesday an exchange that amounted to 16,523 million reais (about 4,480 million dollars).

The rise was somewhat more attenuated in Mexico, where the IPC reached the closing touch at 43,648.07 units after entering 0.24% in the positive terrain.

In the Mexican capital, securities were negotiated for 17,604 million Mexican pesos (about 914.9 million dollars).

A more vigorous growth than that of Sao Paulo occurred in Buenos Aires, where the Merval reached the mark of 33,769.35 points after tracing back 2.60%, after a trading round for 1,147 million Argentine pesos ( about 30.73 million dollars).

The IPSA of the Santiago Stock Exchange posted a rise of 0.77% in its digital to close in 5264.51 whole, in a day in which there were transactions for 144,970,281,620 Chilean pesos (about 216.05 million) of dollars).

In Colombia, 0.68% was the increase of the Colcap index that ended the day at 1,377.61, product of a wheel that left as negotiated amount 208,316 million Colombian pesos (about 66.4 million dollars).

And at 19,565.91, the S & P / BVL Peru General index of the Lima corro came in after a rise of 0.97%, after operations were carried out for 20,823,532 soles (equivalent to 6,218,764 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +1.72% 93.613

MEXICO +0.24% 43,648.07

BUENOS AIRES +2.60% 33.769,35

SANTIAGO +0.77% 5.264,51

COLOMBIA +0.68% 1,377.61

LIMA +0.97% 19,565.91



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